Interview with Mick Mcdade

Mick is a long time member of the Brisbane Underwater Adventurers Club, AUFQ Queensland records keeper and is absolutely mad about fish casting! His house contains over 350 cast and mounted fish that take up most of his wall space. He truly is a legend that has stood the test of time, having made several record catches himself, his knowledge of fish is astounding (listen to the interview to get a taste) and his dedication to serving spearfishing as a sport is truly noteworthy. He is not out and about on social media so this episode is a great way to get some of the knowledge and insight into the mind of this decades long underwater enthusiast! Enjoy this episode!

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Fish Mount Madness

Important times

05:00 Mick Mcdade introduction and background

11:30 Underwater Hockey

14:00 Underwater Adventurers Club

17:35 Starting to spearfish

21:50 Scary moments

25:00 Diving today vs in the past 

34:00 Protected species controversy and poisonous fish

40:00 Veterans Vault – Fish Casting, Sourcing Material, Instructions

46:20 Australian spearfishing records and how to contribute to them

51:10 Identifying fish species

55:20 Fish casting

01:08:10 Mick’s home library

01:12:55 Naming fish: common vs Latin names

01:18:05 Advice to a younger Mick Mcdade

01:20:00 Dream fish

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