Interview with Nat Davey

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In this chat with multiple world record holder Nat Davey we learn about hunting the elusive New Zealand Snapper, DIY Kingfish Sashimi, claiming world records and how rewarding it is to be with someone else who shoots a fish of a lifetime. Nat started diving at 9-10 y/o however he didn’t start spearfishing until he was 35! This meant he had to learn the techniques of freediving later and he shares how he overcame some of these challenges. Listening to Nats insights into the New Zealand marine environment was also a highlight as he spent years commercial fishing which allowed him to see many of the changes that have taken place over the years with legislation changes and other factors.

Nat Davey with Fiordland Crayfish

Nat Davey with Fiordland Crayfish

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Nat Davey Interview Time Stamps

2:00 Nat’s background with commercial fishing inspired him to get in the water and start spearfishing. He got started north of Auckland in the Bay of Islands. Rochelle Potter is his partner and owns many world records herself. Both of these guys are sponsored by Beauchat and are able to dive together for a couple of hundred days a year.

Nat Davey Spearfishing 104kg Yellowfin Tuna from Ascension Island

104kg Yellowfin Tuna taken spearfishing on Ascension Island

7:00 Early obstacles: Started off scuba diving and so learning the freediving side was his main area of obstacles. Time in the water and doing some freediving courses helped him to develop his freediving technique.

10:00 Most memorable fish: He shares the story about Rochelle’s capture of the women’s world record Yellowtail Kingfish (over 48 kg or 105lbs). He also talks about how rewarding it can be to be with someone who shoots the fish of a lifetime.

13:00 Hunting Technique: New Zealand Snapper. Reading the terrain, moving slowly and paying attention. Using the position of the sun and the terrain to your advantage. Also identifies a ground burley (Sea Urchin or Kina). Spending time observing the fish and watching their behavior. Using a gut or gully to lay your ground bait.

Nat Davey with a King Terakihi first taken spearfishing in New Zealand

Nat Davey with a King Terakihi first taken spearfishing in New Zealand

18:00 Scary Situation: Great White Sharks, overcoming  nerves and your own fear to get comfortable in the water with these large predators.

Insights into the New Zealand marine environment. The changes he has seen over the years including shark populations and changes in legislation and their impact.

24:00 Veterans Vault: Claiming records. Nat’s first record was a 138kg Striped Marlin and his friend shot the first striped Marlin with a pole spear.

  • Download the rules, read them and follow them to the letter.
  • Nat recommends laminating them and keeping a copy of them with your equipment.
  • Knowing what the current records are is also helpful.
  • Finding certified scales even better is going to a certified weigh master.
  • Take really clear photos and really accurate measurements in the exact places specified.
  • New Zealand Records and every Country have their own regulations governing their rules.

IUSA Records site here

30:00 Sashimi chat. Wasabi and Soy

32:00 Funny Moment: Photographing the shitfish 300km off the coast of New Zealand

34:00 Divebag: Beauchat Equipment. 5mm wetsuit, 5mm booties and 3mm gloves in Winter. Beauchat 115mm Carbon Speargun with an MVD Roller Head. Beauchat composite fins.

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Nat Davey with his spearfishing world record Yellowtail Kingfish. 50.6 kg

Nat Davey with his spearfishing world record Yellowtail Kingfish. 50.6 kg

41:00 Spearo Q&A with Nat Davey:

Most influential person in your spearfishing? Rochelle Potter

If you started all over again what would you do differently? I would have started earlier.

What is the single biggest lesson you’ve learned? Keep your eyes open and pay attention even when you are resting onb the surface

What is your current challenge? Maintaining the stoke, keep having fun and setting new goals

What 1-3 pieces of advice would you give to someone just starting out? Get in with the good guys and ask them good questions. Everyone will give you 1 piece of advice, think about it and try it out.

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Nat Davey spearfishing a 116kg Striped Marlin

Nat Davey spearfishing a 116kg Striped Marlin

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