Spearfishing Conservation with James, David , Etoile ‘ET’ and Blair | Conservation, Social Media & Sharks

This episode is an extremely wide ranging chat recorded on Blair Herbert’s Matakana porch. It was awesome to arrive in New Zealand and partake of Blair’s awesome hospitality and record this first interview at his place. The conversation focuses on Spearfishing Conservation and related topics but we digress…..a lot.

Blair is an avid spearo with a background is Fisheries Management. David Dupavillon is an experienced spearfishing guide and Splash Spearfishing Team Member. ET is knowledgeable and well researched in many facets of the worlds oceans and it’s inhabitants. She is currently completing a degree in Marine Biology and is a shark conservationist. James Beckman was my travel buddy and he’s also been a past guest on the show (listen here to learn more about him). Everyone loves spearfishing:)

I really enjoyed this chat and my entire trip to New Zealand in early March, 2020. Thank you to the PATRON listeners who made it happen!

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NSP:120 New Zealand Trip | Part 1 Conservation, Social Media & Sharks

Important Times

05:25 Introductions and background information

19:44 About New Zealand Spearfishing. Species, Biomass and Variety

25:00 Kina aka Sea Urchin | Pest or Delicacy?

30:17 Social Media and Spearfishing | Are we converting people to a better way of life?

38:38 Great fisheries initiatives | Melbourne Crayfish Tagging

47:30 Exploitation of people as slave labour on International Fishing Vessels

52:30 Sharks and Fishing | Why can’t we hunt them?

62:30 Fisheries Management | How could it be done better?

76:40 The Wholefish Cookbook by Josh Niland

96:20 Words of Wisdom

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