Interview with Niall Cameron the Mussel Cracker

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(Unfortunately we lost a bit of sound quality with this interview so our apologies!)

Bloody cracker interview with Niall Cameron, a small charter boat operator in South Africa. Niall is a tonne of fun and he’s exactly the type of bloke I love to go spearfishing with. Fresh from an Ascension Island trip chasing and landing Yellowfin Tuna with a bunch of experienced Kiwi and Aussie spearo’s, Niall shares some of the valuable tips and wisdom he has picked up over the years. As a regular listener to the Noob Spearo Podcast himself Niall comes prepared with stories and information to share with you. Listen in to find out about hunting the White Mussel Cracker, the advantages to buying your first boat and a truckload of tips from diving in thermocline to disregarding bad advice!

A bit more about Niall Cameron

  • Niall has lived on the coast for most of his 52 years of life. Growing up in Northern Ireland he wast first inspired by a treasure hunting Irishmen (listen to the show for more info) before making the move to Cape Town in South Africa. He also spent some time in Fort Lauderdale, Florida  USA, the Caribbean islands, before moving back to South Africa where he now lives on the beach in cannon rocks (near Port Elizabeth where there are many 17th and 18th century shipwrecks).
  • Niall runs a small charter business fishing and spearfishing. His passion is facilitating a good time for clients and finding fish along with telling funny stories.
  • He loves boats and shares several hilarious stories in the interview about some interesting times out at sea.

If you are ever in Cannon Rocks, South Africa look up Niall Cameron and head out with him on his Big Blue Charter boat!

Interview with Niall Cameron

Niall Cameron (pictured left) with some happy spearo’s

Quick Times

4:00 Niall’s journey getting started spearfishing in South Africa. Irish unorthodox role model Thor Hamilton. Early obstacles include equipment availability/suitability. Riding a motorbike 26kms to the beach!

13:00 Boat diving and starting to find regular fish in much better conditions + early boating adventures and mishaps (Mush and the case of the missing chest hair).

[Tweet “The whole (spearfishing) world opened up to me when I bought a boat” – Niall Cameron]

23:00 Memorable fish story

31:00 Spearfishing Hunting Technique. Planning and preparing because the hunt starts at home when you are watching the weather. Thermocline spearfishing tips and info.

39:00 Toughest situation Niall has faced in the ocean and what he learned from his experiences.

46:00 Ascension Island Trip with some Australian and Kiwi characters.

Niall Cameron with 98kg left of tuna fro m Ascension Island

Niall Cameron with 98kg left of tuna fro m Ascension Island

54:00 Veterans Vault – the white mussle cracker! Tips, cooking, curry and more.

67:00 Funniest Moment

74:00 Divebag

78:00 Spearo Q&A


Interview with Niall Cameron


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