Interview with Nick Anastasia / @teamseamonkeys

Today’s interview is with Nick Anastasia, aka @teamseamonkeys from Hawaii! Most people think of long boat trips and hours out to sea when they think of “blue water” spearfishing. Nick does his blue water spearfishing from the shore! The unique topography of Hawaii means that within a hundred meters from the shore, you can be in hundreds of meters of water! This brings its own dangers of massive current and swell, but also brings along a whole host of blue water pelagic fish! If Yellowfin, Bluefin and Dogtooth Tuna are considered by-catch, you know you’re in a good spot for spearfishing! Hear stories of epic hunts around Hawaii, close calls far out to sea, some awesome Hawaiian underwater photographers and spearos, blue water hunting rigs and gear and so much more. Go give @TeamSeaMonkeys a follow on instagram for some epic content, guarantied to make you froth!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:35 Welcome Nick from Hawaii!
  • 06:00 What are you doing in Japan?
  • 08:25 Spearfactor podcast, the Hammer & French Polynesia
  • 10:05 Your dad’s sailfish hunt
  • 13:40 How long have you been spearfishing for?
  • 15:25 Mark Mohler aka @markshark808 with some amazing photography
  • 17:50 Pineapple Kidz Spearfishing
  • 18:35 Blue water shorediving! Safety, gear and stories!
  • 25:15 Angled fin blades
  • 28:10 Amazing photoshopped Ono picture, gyotaku

  • 34:50 Using massive blue water roller guns, double double inverted roller!
  • 39:55 Adapting to a large speargun
  • 41:20 @paul_hutchings spearguns
  • 42:20 Wahoo spearfishing tips
  • 44:15 Jamie Ryves @deeplyimmersed
  • 44:50 Explain your float and rigging system
  • 53:55 Common Noob Spearo issues in blue water spearfishing
  • 58:30 Hunting Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna in California

  • 01:06:25 South African spearfishers are hardcore!
  • 01:13:30 Faith and spearfishing
  • 01:17:55 Why spearfishing makes you froth
  • 01:23:50 Public speaking tips
  • 01:26:40 Safety tips
  • 01:30:25 Hawaiian spearos
  • 01:32:20 Thank you for being on the show Nick!
  • 01:33:50 Outro

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