Noob Spearo Podcast, Season 2

Improved with help from our listeners!

After 20 interviews with some awesome spearfishing guests from all over the world and steady growth in our community, Noob Spearo Podcast is ready for some improvements. To help us improve the show we took several steps

  1. We launched a Noob Spearo Podcast listener survey and asked you (our listeners) what you thought.
  2. We surveyed our previous guests and took their feedback onboard.
  3. We took on Pat Dwyer, a Podcast Producer (intern) to consult, advise and assist us with the show

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Top, Shrek (left) & Turbo (right).  Bottom left, Turbo and Pat – mic coaching. Bottom right, Pat and Shrek listening in to Turbo.

Here is some feedback we received from Noob Spearo Podcast listeners

Noob Spearo Podcast improvement ideasNoob Spearo Podcast SurveyNoob Spearo Podcast SurveyNoob Spearo Review Listener Feedback Feedback 3Good Noob Spearo Listener Feedback

Here is some feedback we received from Noob Spearo Podcast previous guests

Noob Spearo Spearfishing Podcast Feedback Guests 2

Intern Podcast Producer Pat Dwyer

Pat Dwyer came on the team in early October as our intern Producer to help us take the Podcast to the next level, a task he has taken to with energy, expertise and intent. Pat is a professional audio engineer with experience in Radio, Podcast, Film and T.V production. Coupled with extensive experience producing business and marketing media are his tertiary level media production qualifications. His skills have quickly made him a welcome addition to the Noob Spearo team.

Pat is passionate about audio production and brings attention to detail and an experienced engineering voice to the table. Turbo and I are really enjoying working with him and are eagerly anticipating the release of season 2 with Pats help. You can get into contact with Pat at patdwyer@outlook.com.

Pat Dwyer Noob Spearo Podcast Producer

Pat Dwyer, our Noob Spearo Intern Podcast Producer

Next Actions

Pat, Turbo and I sat down and analyzed the feedback we had received from Noob Spearo Podcast listeners as well as going back over our previous interviews and analyzing the pro’s and con’s. Needless to say there were lots of opportunities for improvements.

With Pats fresh ears and our listener feedback we came up with a number of improvements.

  1. We have ditched the classical music and English voice actor introduction. This was based on multiple pieces of feedback suggesting that it didn’t match the feel and style of the show.
  2. We recorded (in Pats pro-studio) many new segments (inc a new intro) and he has provided us with some speaking and mic coaching.
  3. Our audio editing approach has been improved and standardized with Pats technical skills.
  4. Our show layout and questions have been reconfigured and hopefully this will allow for improved interviews and listening.
  5. We bought new equipment and upgraded our ‘studio’. Turbo has put in some big yards to get this improved.
  6. Turbo and I are both making improvements in our own styles to improve the interviews.

Here is a before shot of the ‘studio’

Noob Spearo Podcast Studio

Out with the old

Here is the new and improved version

Noob Spearo Spearfishing Podcast Studio

And in with the new

2016 Season 2, Noob Spearo Podcast

Season 2 will still feature some of the best spearfishing experts, authorities and characters we can find.

We will still bring our own brand of wit and energy to the shows just in a more professionally produced style.

We will also be making improvements to the information side of the show and hope that you continue to join us and share the show with your friends and family. Due to some limitations we couldn’t do everything our community asked for however your feedback remains as always, welcome. Email me at shrek@noobspearo.com

All of this is possible with the help of Adreno Spearfishing Supplies who have been supporting us for a number of months now. For all of your spearfishing equipment needs head over to spearfishing.com.au and show your support for the Noob Spearo Podcast. You can save $20 on all purchases over $200 online when you use the code NOOBSPEARO at checkout thanks to a deal Adreno have put together for our community.

www.spearfishing.com.au sponsors of the Noob Spearo Podcast


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