Luke Potts, Aquatic Rehab TV cinematographer

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Luke Potts is a talented kiwi cinematographer and spearo. With his laid back down to earth style and his ability to capture the action, Luke’s spearfishing video’s are awesome. Check out his spearfishing video’s on Aquatic Rehab TV’s Youtube and Facebook channels.

new zealand spearfishing snapper

New Zealand spearfisherman Luke Potts with a few snapper

Bronze Whaler Sharks seem to look for every opportunity to find Luke while he is at work filming on the NZ ocean floor. Having traveled, worked and speared internationally Luke has a wealth of stories and wisdom that he shares here in this interview.

Bronze Whaler Shark visiting his old mate Luke

Bronze Whaler Shark visiting his old mate Luke

Luke Potts Interview Times Quick-Guide – Fast Navigation for Reference

3:00 Starting out in stubbies with a pig knife diving the dirty waters of Auckland New Zealands North Shore

4:00 First mentor, Ollie and his boat, diving dirty and learning how to equalize

5:00 First Snapper

6:00 Bronze Whaler Sharks and Lukes no-kingie rule

10:00 The signs you see when you are in a fishy spot

13:00 10 minute segment on Snapper Hunting, tips, tricks and techniques

23:00 Reel gun chat, practical wisdom and doing your 15m floatline apprenticeship

27:00 Funny Story? Another shark story

32:00 Fast Five Facts for Noobs

36:00 Crucial Kit – Masks

38:00 A bit about Aquatic Rehab TV and whats on the horizon for Luke

Aquatic Rehab TV is described as the NZ reef and ridge hunting channel dedicated to providing quality video. Luke says “[Tweet “People are turning away from the monotony of the modern lifestyle”] They are returning to their roots as hunter gatherers and avoiding the commercial slaughter machine”

Aquatic Rehab TV brings you free youtube episodes from spearfishing to bowhunting, gear reviews and game meat recipes”


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