Doug Peterson, Author of Spearfishing – How to Get Started

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Doug Peterson Shore Diving. Doug Peterson, Author of Spearfishing - How to Get Started
Doug Peterson Author of Spearfishing, How to Get Started is a Dentist who runs his own practice in New Jersey (Little Silver Dental Care). He began his journey into spearfishing in 1998. In exchange for some dental work Doug earned a SCUBA certification and some equipment, which then opened the door for him into freediving and spearfishing. Since starting spearfishing he has not put on a tank since, although he still exchanges fillings for good dive gear!

Doug has helped many friends get started spearfishing and after someone mentioned to him that he should write a book about it, he took up the challenge , You can view his book on Amazon here

Spearfishing: How to Get Started

Doug Petersons How to Get Started Spearfishing Book

Doug Petersons How to Get Started Spearfishing


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Doug Peterson, Author of Spearfishing - How to Get Started

Doug with a selection of his catches.

Interview Times Quick-Guide – Fast Navigation for Reference

3:00 Scuba Diving and how it helps ease you into freediving and spearfishing

17:00 Banging your head on the boat, something that happens to many spearo’s at some point

20:00 Overcoming common obstacles starting out. Equipment, breathing, technique and relaxing.

25:00 Boating Chat

31:00 Dive Buddy talk, how to be a good one

37:00 Fast Five Facts for Noobs

41:00 Crucial Kit

44:00 Dougs book – How To Get Started Spearfishing

He currently lives and dives in the central New Jersey shore area, after moving from Newport, Rhode Island in 2005. Putting up with dirty water and other difficult local conditions says a lot about his passion for the sport. Doug’s Veterans Vault is in line with his passion in this episode where he talks about some common obstacles getting started spearfishing. To have a look at what a days diving looks like for Doug check out this video, he shoots a nice striped bass at about the 4:50 second section

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