The Noob Spearo Podcast – Interview with Ricardo Raposo | The BrasiloSpearo

This episode covers Ricardo’s spearfishing experience from soup to nuts. Ranging from his Father teaching him some original spearo concepts to tossing his children a mask and snorkel, you’ll have to listen to learn about everything in-between!

Big thanks to Ricardo for sharing his spearfishing experience with the NS community!

Important Moments

05:00 Introduction

Rio De Janeiro, and what being a spear there implicates. His father is a prominent figure in his early spearfishing experiences! Ricardo has been spearing since about 10 years old! He’s currently passing on the talent to his daughter starting with a snorkeling trip to Mexico in Playa Del Carmen! If we could all be so lucky to have a Pops like that!

10:00 Early struggles spearfishing

  • Learning hunting techniques – practice, trial, and error
  • Diving in an informed location – marine conservation in Brazil is relatively new
  • Learned early on to look for groups of spearos – a tip from Noob Spearo!
  • Learning how to hunt Parrotfish!
  • Learning how to deal with sharks…!

26:00 Memorable catches

The fish I’m most proud of, a hunt in Indonesia, staying at a Surf Resort. Giant Trevally, no reel, no buoy, the fish was pulling me down. It was an absolutely epic fight! Ricardo also enjoys hunting (and eating) Grouper; they’re a big target species in Brazil.

35:00 Veterans Vault: The Importance of Being Safe

  • “I never knew about the risks involved when I started, but listening to other spearos and spearo communities has really informed me about how unsafe my diving actually was.”
    • Keeping the snorkel out of mouth during dives
  • Tips
    • Concentration and rest – “When it’s too easy, it’s time to stop”
    • Meditate/relax prior to, and during dives. Lower your heart rate.
    • Proper knife positioning is important – you never know when you’ll have difficulty accessing your tools during a dive
  • Always dive with safety-conscious buddies! Even though we always know we are supposed to do so, we often slip into bad habits
  • Pay attention to your bottom times, and always, *always* exercise proper top time
  • Sustainability – a proper code of ethics is always a good idea. Look after your environment, pick up after yourself, and above all be a good steward of wildlife and natural resources
  • Be selective about hunting, follow your instincts and only shoot what’s legal and proper
  • Use the whole fish (Whole fish cookbook made by some blokes in AUS)

52:00 Equipment Bag

New Hammerhead Mask w/GoPro mount on the top. Had some issues initially, but I finally got it working properly. Composite OMER fins, generic dive knives, and recently got a new gun. RIFFE travel gun that deconstruct with a threaded shaft that also comes apart.

57:00 Connecting with Ricardo

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