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The Path Of The Jedi – The Benthic Boys – Mike Pooler & Joe D’Agostino

The Path Of The Jedi – The Benthic Boys – Mike Pooler & Joe D’Agostino | Mike Pooler is the owner/operator of Benthic Ocean Sports in Destin, Florida; and Joe D’Agostino is his chief Freediving Instructor International (FII) Instructor there. Additionally, Benthic Ocean Sports services all freediving Spearo needs for the Florida Panhandle and South-East US with the highest quality hardware from all over the world. These guys are an FII-accredited institution and are absolute legends! They instruct Levels 1 & 2, a Waterman Survival Course, and a Spearfishing Course, among many others that they do privately for some of the military folks in the FL panhandle.

Mike and Joe are seasoned Spearos and have had some *seriously* impressive Pelagics on the other end of their spearguns! These guys shoot some of the largest and most epic fish available in Gulf of Mexico waters, and his Chief Instructor Joe D’Agostino instructs and travels throughout the freediving and spearfishing community worldwide. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy this conversation!


Benthic Ocean Sports


Important Times

11:00 Early Obstacles

14:00 What is “Benthic”?

15:00 How did you get involved and put together as a Freediving Shop?

16:00 The Path Of The Jedi

22:00 Favorite species to hunt…tune in for the Panhandle’s most desirable species

27:00 FL Panhandle’s Freedive Spearo Club – Agua Verdes

30:00 Tough situations out in Blue Water

44:00 Veterans Vault: Dyneema vs Mono | Timber vs Pipe | Equipment Discussion

  • Americans with wood guns and mono…what are you guys doing?
  • The Benthic Boys think Dyneema is the right stuff – why?
  • Line memory – what is it?
  • Critical knots to use and why.
  • “Game Changer” – what’s a quick-disconnect knot and why’s it important?
  • Line management and tangles
  • Reels vs. Floatlines
  • Reel Gun safety – Tension, tension, tension!
  • Don’t be married to your equipment – “You can buy a new gun, you can’t buy a new Mike!”
  • The importance of education and safety within the freedive spearfishing community
  • Best Buddy Practices – “Finality is Reality”
  • Minimum safety requirements – One up-One down, learn your buddy’s “dive profile”
  • Courses offered at Benthic Ocean Sports (FII Levels 1 and 2, Waterman Course, Spearfishing Course
  • The mental and physical benefits to spearfishing

80:00 Spearo Q&A

  • What separates you from other spearos?
  • What is the spearfishing destination you’d most like to visit?
  • Most influential person in your spearfishing journey?

Connect with Mike Pooler & Joe D’Agostino at Benthic Ocean Sports @

Check out Joe's official FII Instructor Profile




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