Adreno Capricorn Bunker Trip Part 2

Today’s episode is part 2 of the Adreno Capricorn Trip, a week long spearfishing charter aboard the Eastern Voyager to the Great Barrier Reef where Noob and experienced Spearos alike got to dive in one of the best environments around. This part on the interview starts on the trip back to port at the end of the trip. We get insights from some of the Adreno crew and reflections from Noob Spearos who are new to the water and some who have never shot a fish before this trip! This is by far one of the best spearfishing charter’s around – great food, hot showers and world class spearing.

Has this interview made you want to go on a spearfishing charter?

spearo underwater GBR

Important Times:

    • 00:13 Intro
    • 05:10 Welcome back to the Eastern Voyager
    • 08:18 High and low points of the trip for Wayne
    • 09:20 Best catches of the trip?
    • 10:51 Would you recommend this trip?
    • 12:16 Last thoughts and tips
    • 13:18 Trip board
    • 14:45 Jack, tell us about your trip
    • 16:50 Minimum experience for coming out here
    • 19:20 Best catches
    • 20:45 Jordy, tell us about your trip
    • 24:45 High point of the trip?
    • 25:46 How did you stay in the right headspace while being tired?
    • 29:00 Ryan, you had some ear troubles, tell us about your trip
    • 32:45 Did your line fishing background help at all?
    • 34:28 How did your first dive of the trip go?
    • 37:14 Tim’s thoughts
    • 40:46 Ryan, how has the spearfishing gone?
    • 43:40 Advice for people doing this trip
    • 47:17 Describe your trip
    • 49:55 Amy, how was your trip?
    • 52:40 How has the fishing been?
    • 01:00:55 How was the photography part of the trip?
    • 01:03:47 Describe this trip
    • 01:05:11 Dave is here too, how was your trip?
    • 01:07:06 Your struggles
    • 01:10:08 Describe the trip
    • 01:11:15 Clear Eyes on your ears: advice from our chef
    • 01:14:24 Joel and Taylor, tell us about the sleeping on the ship and how was your trip?
    • 01:17:00 Highlights of the trip
    • 01:18:15 Tell us about your Spanish Mackeral
    • 01:22:25 What have you learned from shooting this big fish?
    • 01:30:26 Perks of working for Adreno and more highlights
    • 01:32:53 I shot some Tuskfish and you were just as stoked
    • 01:35:15 Does this trip give you a reset on your energy?
    • 01:36:03 Taylor, tell us about your trip
    • 01:40:25 How was your diving?
    • 01:45:58 Dogtooth tuna vs Mackeral
    • 01:47:51 Outro

Speargun arsenal BTS on the Bunker trip Trevor and Shrek pointing Wayne Judge and Shrek Trevor and Shrek nsp171 bunker holding fish eastern voyager amy Photo spearo drone shot of GBR

adreno float

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