Interview with Rosie Sharman, Blair Herbert and James Beckman

In early March, 2020 I traveled to New Zealand with James Beckman to chase fish at the Three Kings Islands. I was invited by Nat a few years ago to head over and this year (thanks to Patron listeners) I was able to make it happen! This episode is a trip debrief after 4 days on the water…. and 5 hours driving…..and at least 3 beers each:) Needless to say, it required a wee bit of editing. Thanks Pat;)

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Important Times

04:00 Introductions and thoughts on the New Zealand Three Kings experience

10:30 Rosie Sharman’s spearfishing journey

15:00 First dive at the Three Kings. The weather, islands and conditions

Rosie Sharman Isaac Shrek Daly Catching Crayfish Lobster Freediving in New Zealand. Three Kings Islands

Rosie and Shrek, Three Kings Crayfish


29:00 Mokohinau Islands, Pink MaoMao. Porae and NZ Snapper

35:30 Bait and Spearfishing

51:30 Rosie’s Raw Fish with Three Kings Trevally | Boat Surprise


James Beckman 33.5kg (74lb) Yellowtail Kingfish at the Three Kings Islands

James Beckman 33.5kg (74lb) Yellowtail Kingfish at the Three Kings Islands


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