Interview with Ollie Craig @ollie_craig

Todays interview is with Ollie Craig, a hardcore hunter and full-on frother who “makes Bear Grylls blush and Chuck Norris cry.” He’s a passionate great spearo born and bred in New Zealand, he loves what he does and tackles adventure head on. In this podcast we discuss topics like spearing in South Africa, shooting Striped Marlin, smackin’ big Kingy’s, plus loads more of local knowledge that Ollie has crafted, created and acquired over the years of his spearfishing career. Ollie is the founder of Primal Pursuit on Youtube which is STACKED with frothy content and a respectable following. if you haven’t already gone and checked it out it is HIGHLY recommended.  Giving the audience raw content of action packed adventures and a true insight into the spearfishing lifestyle that not too many are brave enough to accomplish!


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:10 Hardcore hunter, full on frother, welcome Ollie Craig.
  • 06:28 How did you get started? who got you into spearfishing?
  • 9:45 Primal Pursuit on Youtube.
  • 11:33 At what age did  you start, and how old are you now?
  • 14:15 Growing up in the countryside of Auckland.
  • 16:42 Instagram @ollie_craig
  • 16:50 Hunting Himalayan Bull Tahr.
  • 19:43 Motivation behind publishing content.
  • 22:44 Getting thrown in the deep end, the super yacht with Francisco Loffredi.
  • 27:22 Diving in South Africa.
  • 29:04- Shooting Kingy’s, Tips and tricks.
  • 34:09 Experience with sharks.
  • 41:05 What are the silliest things you’ve done, and what was learnt from it?
  • 47:18 The path to mastery. Learning curves and tips for improving.

  • 50:23 Shooting footage, is there a plan before hitting the water?
  • 53:15 Do any other spearing channels give you inspiration? or are there any channels that are of influence?
  • 56:13 Future ambitions for Primal Pursuit.
  • 1:00:19 Talking about species in NZ, do you have a favourite?
  • 1:06:05 Any dive buddies?
  • 1:09:14 Talking about Dive Gear, From where it started to where you are now.
  • 1:12:35 Shooting Marlin Frothing video on youtube.
  • 1:21:50 Joe Rogan and Meateater Podcasts

  • 1:25:45 Dive gear continued.
  • 1:27:15 What camera are you using?
  • 1:29:00 Reels or Float lines, which do you prefer?
  • 1:31:01 Thoughts on safety.
  • 1:31:50 Working at Ocean Hunter.
  • 1:38:33 What was your single best piece of advice?
  • 1:40:26 Who have been the most influential people in your spearfishing career?
  • 1:41:43 If you had to start all over again, what would you do differently?
  • 1:43:05 Describe what the spearfishing experience means to you.
  • 1:43:48 Where can people find you? Instagram @ollie_craig |Primal Pursuit on Youtube.
  • 1:45:08 Parting advice?
  • 1:45:55 Thanks for being on the show Ollie!
  • 1:46:16 Outro.

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