Interview with Peter Saunders USFA | Episode 50!

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In this chat with Peter Saunders we talk about issues relevant to every spearo such as;

  • The broad threats to spearfishing and how spearo’s can make a difference
  • What representative bodies such as the USFA and AUF in Australia do for spearfishing
  • Easy actions everyone can take to improve our situation as recreational fisherman

Peter shares stories and examples illustrating some of the political moves that have been made in the past to remove, reduce and eliminate spearfishing in various ways from Australia. An active and engaged population of spearo’s who sign petitions, fill out surveys and write letters to their local representatives seems to be our best defense. In recent years proactive spearfisherman have collaborated with government research teams and consultative committee’s in various projects which has led to to improved public perception of spearfishing in general. We have a long way to go though and this chat might just encourage you!

Peter Saunders USFA President Interview Noob Spearo podcast

Peter Saunders with a few New Zealand Snapper from a trip in Feb 2011

Important Times

0:00 Big thank you message to you our listeners and all of our previous guests + show update

5:00 Pete Saunders background and introduction

9:00 Mentors and spearfishing equipment

11:00 Memorable Fish

15:00 Spearfishing hunting technique – burley/chum

17:00 Basic effective strategy for competition spearfishing

19:00 Partnering with fisheries management

22:00 Toughest situation in the ocean and what Peter learned from it – shark perseverance

25:00 Veterans Vault – Getting involved and taking action promoting ethical spearfishing

  • Getting involved in spearfishing clubs
  • Threats to spearfishing
  • ‘Green’ science vs real science
  • Making your voice heard at a political level. Easy steps
  • Big wins that USFA have had in Australian waters

41:00 Funny Moment

43:00 Peter’s Divebag

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  • Torelli Spearguns
  • Custom wetsuit

45:00 Spearo Q&A – Faster round of questions about everything from best advice to best dive buddy

About Peter Saunders

At 57 years old Peter is still competing and achieving enviable results. His parents were spearfishing pioneers in Australia starting in the St George spearfishing club. Peters Mum was a mixed pairs champion with Ron Taylor for many years. At 2 years old Peter was photographed with a bunch of kids at his first spearfishing comp in the 1962 Currawong Cup. His enthusiasm for spearfishing is contagious and his message to spearo’s must be heard!

Learn more about USFA spearfishing clubs here

Peter Saunders USFA President with Joe Martindale

state titles pairs champ Peter Saunders and Joe Martindale both veteran’s


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