Spearfishing Podcast Listening Tips

My quick spearfishing podcast listening tips + a good run though for people who are just discovering what a podcast is.

How to listen

Its surprising but lots of listeners stream our show straight from our website using their internet browser. Some people even listen to them on YouTube! I’ve got news…there is a better way.

Get your mobile phone and go to the app store, search for ‘podcast’ and lots of apps will show up in the results.

Noob Spearo Spearfishing podcast listening tips

Download one that suits you (my recommendation above bottom right picture) and search for Noob Spearo Podcast (as seen below). Hit the subscribe button and the next time one of our episodes goes live your phone will automatically download it to your device (if you have wifi only enabled it will download it while you are at home).

Spearfishing podcast listening tips

I am not a Mac man but I do rock an iPhone so the I use the native Podcast app pictured above (also available on Android). This application is reliable, easy to use and familiar. This app is also available on Android phones. I’m not a super tech-head though, so if you’d like some more info on the best apps check out this post here.

When to Listen

My most productive times to listen in no particular order are;

  • Exercising – gym, running or cycling
  • Commuting – no better way to drive, catch a bus or train
  • Household jobs – mowing the laws you might need some over ear headphones like the ones below. But it’s definitely a better way to knock over the weekly chores.
  • Long car trips, flights and train trips (some blokes catch up on the latest episodes when they are in the car on the way).

Use car mode if you are driving. Some apps have this feature and its wicked.

Increase the speed!

Listen to podcasts at a faster speed.

It takes a little getting used to but after a while you actually start to hate listening to shows at normal speed. New podcasting apps will not chipmunk what you are listening to either and you can speed them up and slow them down easily (I seldom listen to anything at less than 1.5 x normal speed – especially my own voice:)

Spearfishing Podcast Listening Tips

Take advantage of our sponsor deals!

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Buy a decent set of Earphones

These are all sponsored links from Amazon so we earn a commission if you do buy a set but take a look at the headphones I’ve researched.

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  • I love the Beats and you can check out a set here

Anyway thanks for reading my spearfishing podcast listening tips if you need more help check out Turbos guide to listening to spearfishing podcast here

What app do you listen with and what are your tips?

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