Reasons Why I’ve Bailed on the Pole Spear for Spearfishing

I have followed along closely watching Turbo go through his pole spear phase. I’ve listened to a bunch of spearos from all over the world esteem the merits of the pole spear. The hunting adaptation that using a Hawaiin Sling demands. I have read numerous blogs and watched the YouTube vids. And…

I’m not planning to use a Pole Spear anytime in the near future, I’m sorry…

Briefly, here’s why;

1. Empty Freezer

By the time I get out spearfishing I just want to shoot something, hell anything worth eating. My freezer’s empty and I’m usually ready to put some premium fillets inside. KFC has been making a killing from my extended spearing hiatus and my dive gear is cobweb covered and as lonely as the pole spear in Turbos garage. Pole spears are for the die-hards, the guys that are set on improving their hunting technique and who will sacrifice one or two quiet days for long term benefits. At this stage that’s not for me.

Pole Spear for spearfishing | Why I said no

2. Improve my technique?

Cameron Kirkconnell talks broadly in our interview about the merits of picking up a polespear. He lists a few great points such as; reloading after a miss and shooting again on the same dive, he also points out the benefits of being forced to use better body language so you can get close enough. Roman Castro in our interview and in his blog post points out the greater self awareness you develop and give to things like your duckdive. There is no doubt about it – pole spears force you to become a better spearo. But what if I’m getting out once or twice a month, should I even bother?

3. Bad memories

I have a bad memory of using a pole spear in New Zealand while scuba diving and a school of Yellowtail Kingfish circled me. They refused to come close enough for a shot. It probably had more to do with the copious amount of bubbles streaming from my regulator, but the school of giant yellowtail kingfish that held right on the edge of the 6-7m viz made me upset. I stuck to the dopey leather jackets while silently crying into my overly large awkward Scuba mask and swore that never again would I be forced to use such a puny weapon – sometimes a bit of range is nice!

If you have the time and energy + a stubborn and resilient desire to get better at spearfishing, Pole Spears are for you. If on the other hand you get out infrequently and are more concerned with just having a good time and shooting some fish then like me, you might forego the challenge that using a pole spear presents.

For the Die-Hards

For those of you seeking good information about Pole Spears and you would like to know more about honing your skills, check out these articles.

  • Spearfishing Marathon – Pole Spear Introduction, Mindset and choosing the right one, start with this one
  • Spearoblog – Back to basics with a pole spear here
  • FoldSpear – Polespear Hunting Tips here
  • Cameron Kirkconnell – How To Video
  • For DIY Junkies – How to make your own Pole Spear for $20 [here] this is a pranger tip pole spear however may give readers some ideas to make their own

Looking to buy a good Pole Spear? Check these out

  • Riffe (Carbon with options, Turbo has this one and its very nice)
  • JBL (carbon Shaka)
  • Headhunter (Predator, comes highly recommended) here
  • Headhunter (Guerrilla Sling 2.0 – these are not your standard pole spear but well worth a look)
  • Cressi Starter Model (Aluminium here)
  • Mako starter (aluminium)
  • Fibreglass Cheapie (pranger head)
  • Check out a good range at Adreno here (Use the Code NOOBSPEARO at checkout to save $20 on all purchases over $200)

What’s your favorite Pole Spear?


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