Interview with Adam Sellars

Today’s interview is with Adam Sellars from The Pressure Project! Freediving instructor, spearo and all round legend Adam Sellars joins us to chat about the instructor side of freediving courses and how he teaches and trains new and already experienced divers to be safer and more effective. He had a natural talent and excelled at freediving deep, far deeper and earlier than he should have! These ‘mistakes’ taught him valuable lessons that he can now share and teach to his students. Hear about freediving in the Kilsby Sinkhole, how to convince your friends or partner to go spearfishing with you and some banter from the 2 legends, Shrek and Adam!

Here is the infamous wreck dive moment Adam and Shrek mention at the end of the show!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 07:10 Welcome Adam Sellars from the Pressure Project!
  • 08:20 The magic of diving in a sinkhole
  • 11:35 Assumed level of competence
  • 14:45 Spearos who are anti freediving
  • 21:00 The Pressure Project: what is it all about?
  • 29:30 How to get your friends to go spearfishing with you!

  • 33:25 Becoming a teacher vs being a friend
  • 43:25 Setting your limits as an instructor
  • 56:45 99 Spearo Recipes and cray diving!
  • 01:04:05 Who have been the people and resources that helped you get better?
  • 01:07:50 Separate your ego from your diving
  • 01:17:05 Going ALL IN

  • 01:22:15 Body-Mind connection
  • 01:29:20 Thanks Adam!
  • 01:31:20 Outro

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