How to Prevent Seasickness

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In this episode Turbo and I share about what we’ve learned about preventing seasickness. This interview is heavily based on Turbo’s popular blogpost how to get over seasickness along with some research I did, to help out a BBC columnist while Turbo was away spearfishing in the Coral Sea (in other words I got shafted with 5 hours academic research and Turbo went spearfishing – typical!). Turbo has had to overcome significant episodes of seasickness and he’s come a long way from where he was a few years ago. In this episode we cover off his 10 tips to prevent seasickness, + advice from helpful spearo’s in our community as well as findings from scientific research. Enjoy!

Preventing Seasickness Episode Quick Times Guide

0:00 Shoutouts, News and Preview

3:00 Introduction to Preventing Seasickness

5:00 Keeping an eye on the forecast and avoiding the terrible weather altogether

6:00 Potential medications for Preventing Seasickness (seek medical advice before taking any of these potential medications)

7:00 Gearing up before you get on the boat

7:50 Stay at the stern or midships in a larger boat. Stay away from the 2-stroke fumes.

8:30 Get in the water quickly, beat J-Low

9:30 Keep your eyes on the horizon (Turbo doesn’t rate it). Avoid confined spaces. A bit of the science behind motion seasickness.

Pictured below: Turbo, surviving some rough conditions!


11:00 Stay positive and try not to focus on being sick. Mindset and some interesting research (I thought it was interesting anyway).

12:50 Learn about your early warning signs for getting seasick and go into damage control early.

13:30 Avoid foods and drinks that effect your circulation (alcohol, caffeine, etc).

14:40 Tough it out

15:20 Advice from our community and findings from academic research. Anecdotal advice galore.

17:30 P-Mav manual by former guest Dr Doug Peterson. This is a manual method manipulating the soft palate to prevent vomiting. Doug swears by it! check it out here.

Also mentioned – Simon Trippe’s Interview

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20:00 3 red hot reasons why you should join a spearfishing club. We are joined briefly by Simon Trippe from the San Souci Dolphins Sydney [find them here] who belongs to the Underwater Spearfishermans and Fishermans Association (USFA).

Underwater Skindivers and Fishermans Association

Check out USFA here and find out more

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