Interview with Prime Hall

Todays interview is with Prime Hall, a former MARSOC Raider, an Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO and Master Trainer | Coach, underwater fanatic and pioneer of Deep End Fitness and a new underwater sport: Underwater Torpedo League! Although he doesn’t do much spearfishing, Prime has some unbelievable stories and experiences from his time in the military and how that shaped the man he is today. He runs Deep End Fitness which hosts underwater training and runs the UTL: think undewater rugby + hockey. Prime was also a guest on the Sean Ryan Show, hear the advice he has for dealing with mental health, going through trauma and overcoming difficulty. A bit of a different episode but full of great life advice!


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:00 Welcome Prime Hall!
  • 09:30 What has shaped your life and given you a love for the water?
  • 13:20 Machine guns to pool training
  • 16:30 Deep End Fitness
  • 23:20 Your military history, trauma and a buddy system

  • 33:15 How to find a buddy and get help
  • 40:25 Tell us about Deep End Fitness
  • 42:26 Underwater Torpedo League!

  • 48:55 How do the classes work?
  • 53:20 1 on 1 classes
  • 55:17 Spearfishing
  • 57:00 Surviving an explosion

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