1m Cray Loop | Old Man Blue


The famous Old Man Blue Cray Loops you’ve seen in all the viral cray loop videos!

Made from the toughest and best quality material, the Old Man Blue Cray Loops are the best on the market!

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The famous Old Man Blue Cray Loop!

This 1m long handmade, high quality cray loop is designed to take all the abuse and crayfish you can throw at it! The biggest crays are often times in places where we can’t reach – the loop opens up a hole new world of crays! Mind the pun!

High gauge 316 stainless steel springs and a highly engineered design, it clips onto your float and is the perfect companion to the SeaSac Catch Bag!

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions100 × 8 × 4 cm

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100cm Cray Loop