Interview with Ted Harty | Freedivesafety.com Launch

Duckdiving tips, a dive day fatigue elimination hack and 3 compelling reasons to dive with a buddy!

As usual this chat with Ted is packed with insights and tips to improve your spearfishing. Today is also the launch of freedivingsafety.com which is a FREE freedive safety course for spearos that you get rewarded for completing! If you complete the course, you will get an email chock-full of equipment and merchandise discount codes and some freebies.

The video training and example blackout is essential viewing for every spearo. Listen in!

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3:30 freedivingsafety.com Launch. A free freediving safety course with instructional videos, blackout video example and a quiz. If you complete the course and quiz, you will get an email with a whole bunch of discount codes for spearfishing equipment, merchandise and even 10 Tips to Become a Better Spearo PDF for free.

10:00 Bulletproof Buddy Protocol | How to actually stick with your buddy in the water. Check out Ted Hartys first interview here.

16:45 3 Compelling Reasons to Dive with a Buddy

24:30 Taking new guys out. Staying quiet and getting your duckdive right

32:05 Working on one facet of your spearfishing at a time

35:00 Equalizing Course | Roadmap to Frenzal technique and going beyond 30ft/10m

  • discount code to save 20%: NOOBSPEAROTED#2

42:35 Take a 23-30% Bigger Breath | FREE Video Course – take more fuel to the bottom!

44:00 Reduce Fatigue and make your lady happy EVEN after a full day diving – take Endurox (find it on Amazon here)

Ted swears that Endurox reduces dive day fatigue and allow him to enjoy his evening after 100’s of dives.

Endurox Post Dive Fatigue Fighter

Ted Harty is one of the most influential spearfishing and freediving educators on the planet and last year he received a special award for his efforts. With the $2000 prize money he has built this free freediving safety course! Spread the word:)

Blue Wild 2018 Ted Harty receiving an award for promoting safe diving. Freediving Safety Course

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