Rick Trippe Darwin Dolphins Dirtywater Diver

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The composite spearfishing story-teller, Rick Trippe is a highly experienced Australian spearfisherman with a well-founded reputation for taking down Black Jewfish. This interview is chock-full of Ricks stories and you cant help but be entertained by his passion and excitement.  Still hunting fish in Darwins dirty water while contending with huge tides proves just how in love with spearfishing he remains. Rick works as a real estate agent and you can find out more about him here.

A bit about Rick Trippe

  • President of the Darwin dolphins spearfishing club.
  • Ex Australian spearfishing champion
  • Columnist for International Freediving Spearfishing News (IFSN) magazine
  • Witnessed and photographed several bizarre ocean encounters that have made international news. The LionFish vs Seasnake Battle  (see here) was memorable

Rick Trippe Interview Times Guide

4:00 Diving background and his experience learning spearfishing. San Souci Dolphins Sydney origins same as his son Simon Trippe and other former guests Emanuel Bova and Ian Puckeridge. He talks about

6:00 Favorite spearfishing hunting technique. Rick talks about a wreck diving technique that he uses in the dirty waters off Darwin in the huge tides that they deal with. He gives some fantastic information for anyone wanting to pursue their first Black Jewfish. This technique is one they employ regularly to secure multiple fish simultaneously.

18:00 Scary Moment. Every spearo’s worst nightmare, waiting on the surface for the mate that has not resurfaced and the whole crew dive bombing to try and find him. This is a powerful story.

25:00 Rick Trippe’s Veterans Vault: Diving Dirty Water Tips + How to hunt one of the top ends most prized catches – the Black Jewfish.

40:00 Funniest Experiences

44:00 Whats in Ricks Divebag – (Warm Water)

  • Stinger Suit for sun and marine stings protection
  • Belt Reel
  • Knife on his arm, and another knife on the other side of his body
  • Pranger Spearhead, Andre Mid-Handle Speargun and a 1m Speargun with a straight head
  • Spare parts, shafts and bands(rubbers)
  • DiveR Carbon Fiber Fins

52:00 Fast 5 Facts For Noobs

  1. Join a spearfishing club
  2. Do a spearfishing course and learn how to breathe + take up yoga
  3. Learn how to understand marine weather conditions
  4. Learn your limits and dive to them
  5. Dont push your limits, you will get there eventually
  6. Hold your breath climbing stairs (phenomenal dry training but use common sense)

Also mentioned in the interview

“Keep your eyes on your mates in the water and never bring a loaded speargun into the boat”

– Rick Trippe


Rick Trippe Darwin Spearfishing

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