Interview with Robbie Peck

Today’s interview is with Robbie Peck, survivor of a 3m Bull Shark attack off Port Hedland! On a day with a few unusual things lining up, Robbie was retrieving a fish off the bottom when he got smashed by a 3m Bull Shark! What followed was a harrowing story with some excellent dive buddies who undoubtedly saved Robbie’s arm and life! We chat in detail about the attack, the swim back up to the surface, the boat ride back to port and doing it all with his 4 year old son there with him! Robbie’s response and attitude after this is undoubtedly going to help save someone else’s life somewhere down the road. We also chat about diving around Port Hedland and even talk about some recipes!

Here’s a story that we can all take something out of! Where’s your first aid kit?

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Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 08:55 Welcome Robbie Peck, survivor of a 3m Bull Shark attack!
  • 09:30 Tell us about Port Hedland
  • 12:00 So you’re a Kiwi? When did you move?
  • 13:20 What was the experience of being attacked like?
  • 18:10 Unusually aggressive behaviour by the shark

NSP214 robbie and snapper

  • 21:00 What did you do in response? Immediate first aid.
  • 23:05 Literally the one day that you took the tourniquet off the boat!
  • 25:00 The trip back to land
  • 26:45 Surviving for my family and being in this situation with my 4 year old son
  • 30:15 What happened when you got back to the boat ramp?
  • 37:55 Why do shark attacks get so much media attention?
  • 40:40 4 things that were different on the day

NSP214 robbie's injuries NSP214 Robbie's hand

  • 44:00 Sharks learn fishing and spearo behaviour
  • 45:05 What did the shark do after it bit you?
  • 47:20 Bite Club and chatting with fellow survivor Rick Bettua
  • 49:30 “I knew the risks going into their domain” – open this can of worms!
  • 53:30 Artificial reefs and the benefits they bring
  • 59:00 Will you go back to spearfishing?
  • 01:03:40 Not having a tourniquet actually saved my arm
  • 01:08:20 Which spearfishing club are you a part of? Northwest Spearfishing Club and the WA Undersea Club
  • 01:09:45 @BertGoesBang and filming the attack
  • 01:12:20 You love your hunting, how do you manage that and family life?
  • 01:15:40 Fried swim bladder becomes like pork crackling

NSP214 robbie spearfishing

  • 01:19:15 What structure are you diving on?
  • 01:20:35 What struggles did you have in your diving and how did you overcome them?
  • 01:23:20 Shark Shield or shark detterents?
  • 01:29:55 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:37:20 How to deal with the media after a major incident like this
  • 01:39:45 Outro

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