Interview with Ryan Myers

Haha! What an awesome interview to finish out 2020! Ryan Myers with heaps of intel of diving deep and managing the risks. Huge section on Deep Reef Hunting, minimizing lung squeezes, doing the variable weight thing and we even chat growing a rad YouTube Channel (Ryan has 31k subscribers!). Massive shoutout to Sam @samahgram, Ryans partner and a champion diver (and future podcast guest I’m sure!). Listen in to Ryan Myers Deep Reef Hunting!


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NSP:145 Ryan Myers Deep Reef Hunting

Ryan Myers Dogtooth Tuna

Important Times

05:40 Ryan Myers Introduction

11:40 Lessons learned along the way

19:30 Variable Weight Diving

21:30 Lung and Trachea Squeeze | “How do you avoid it?” – Sven Franklin

27:00 Spearfishing Forums/Social Media/Clubs and Tribalism Chat

34:50 Most Memorable Fish | Med Grouper

37:40 Veterans Vault | Deep Reef Hunting

  • Kiggs Anthony “Would be cool to hear Ryan talk through some stalking/coaxing techniques he uses on big Uku and Mu.”
  • 50:45 Kurt Raymond asks “Keen to hear some more about Ryan’s freediving progression and thought process leading into a dive. Similar to what Taylor talked about in terms of setup and mindset for a dive, he does some crazy dives!”
  • Danny Baker “Love watching Ryan Myers. Maybe get him to share his relaxation techniques. He’s so damn patient.”

60:00 Doug Lewin “Can you ask Ryan why he uses a neck weight in some of his dives? Does he recommend that for an intermediate diver in cold water as well?”

63:45 Ryan Myers YouTube Channel. How has he grown such a solid following on YouTube!

73:20 Funny Stuff | Europeans nude and pissets

76:00 What’s in Ryan Myers Divebag?

79:00 Spearo Q&A

Links Mentioned

“Hey Shrek,

My name is Jahvis Loveday I’m a young indigenous filmmaker from the Northern rivers of NSW Australia. My family friend has been listening to your podcast for quite a long time, he recently came to me and said that one of your guests mentioned that many spearos would love for someone to edit some of their footage. 
I’ve been spearing and hunting my whole life growing up on the Brunswick heads and Tweed rivers. I’ve learnt from all my elders how to catch fish, where and when, and when not to. 
I thought Id extend my hand to edit spearing videos for whoever wants them out there. I have been studying a bachelor of film (which has been useless) and recently won the Best Young Australian Film Maker Award at the Byron Bay International Film Festival. 
I’ve been editing my own videos for over 3 years now from spearfishing, camping, family trips, and all sorts. 
If you want to check out what my style is like head over to my YOUTUBE channel, which I think I have now 4.43k subscribers and over 266k views. 
HERE is a video of me and my family spearing off Tweed heads as a reference. 
Anyways love the content you are pumping out man, it’s helped me a lot in spearing and sustainability. 
Jahvis Loveday”

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