Info Night: Whitsundays Spearfishing Retreat 6-10 August 2023

We had our info night for the upcoming Whitsundays Spearfishing Retreat with Noob Spearo and Salt Sessions! We invited a bunch of the Noob Spearo community to join us for a zoom call to find out more about the spearfishing and sailing retreat coming up in a month’s time! All your questions + all the details you need to know about the trip: when to arrive, what gear to bring, where exactly to go, what type of diving we’ll be doing, the target species we’ll be chasing and everything else you wanted to know!

If you are interested in booking your spot on the trip, click here to go to the Salt Sessions website. We can’t wait to go sailing and spearfishing with you all!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:10 Welcome to the info night!
  • 03:45 Reintroducing Eckart!
  • 06:15 Logistics: where do we start the trip?
  • 08:30 What fish are we targeting? Will we be able to vacuum seal and freeze it to take home?
  • 10:20 Sleeping arrangements and spearfishing from a sailboat
  • 13:35 Day 1 freedive refresher
  • 15:00 What diving to expect
  • 17:00 What gear do I need to bring?

  • 20:10 Competitions and games onboard
  • 20:45 Do we dive off the sail boat or will there be tender boats?
  • 24:35 Food onboard the boat
  • 25:30 Flying with your speargun

  • 28:25 Is it going to be a spearfishing or a freediving trip?
  • 30:05 When will the next trip be?
  • 35:40 Insurance
  • 37:10 Some of the best eating fish in Australia
  • 38:35 Flying in for the trip
  • 40:40 Trevor Ketchion raffle prize

  • 42:20 Last thoughts
  • 44:30 What water conditions can we expect?
  • 47:25 Speargun and roller gun advice
  • 54:20 Outro

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