Interview with Sam Dawson

Sam Dawson has tonnes of experience diving all around Australia and regularly dives competitions. Today’s chat has some really good insights into equipment and thinking about setups. We also get right into scrounging which is a collection of techniques for effective hunting in temperate waters. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about muffling equipment, entering caves effectively and even some ideas about how to use a torch. Listen in:)

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Sam Dawson Scrounging Masterclass

Links Mentioned

Sam Dawson Scrounging Masterclass

Sam Dawson Dhufish WA spearfishing

Time Stamps

5:00 Sam’s introduction to spearfishing. Early lessons learned.

9:00 Memorable Fish – Dhufish W.A

13:30 Early Mentors: Mary-Anne Stacey – seven-time Australian Ladies Spearfishing Champion

39:00 Toughest Situation being chomped on by a shark in the middle of nowhere

52:00 Veterans Vault: Scrounging and Effectively Hunting Temperate Waters

72:00 Sam’s Dive Bag

74:00 Spearo Q&A

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