Interview with Sean Hartley

Underwater Hockey A Complimentary Sport for Maintaining Spearfishing Fitness

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A school teacher by day and a rampant ‘frothing at the lips’ underwater hockey player by night, Sean Hartley is a passionate evangelist for both spearfishing and underwater hockey. If you don’t know much about underwater hockey and would like to know how it could benefit your spearfishing, then this is the interview for you. We talk about how and where underwater hockey is played, what equipment you need to have a go, the basic rules and techniques and Sean shares how it has benefited his own spearfishing.

Originally from New Zealand, Sean started line (pole) fishing on the Gold Coast of Australia, but like many of us he made the switch to spearfishing so that he could actually catch something. The story Sean shares about how he started spearfishing in Bamaga, North Queensland was very interesting. Learning the art of spearfishing with some indigenous blokes while chasing crays and using a Sea Hornet is a scenario that many of us can relate to.

In the interview we cover sharks pranks, being ‘under’ gunned, spearfishing around crocs, spearfishing stalking technique’s and a little bit about his Under Water Hockey club the Cairns Crays (which you can check out here).

Sean Hartley Underwater Hockey and Spearfishing Enthusiast with a Spanish Mackerel

Sean with a Spanish (King) Mackerel

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Sean’s Benefits for Spearfishing from Underwater Hockey

  1. Fitness – better than altitude training
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Swimming and Movement in the water
  4. The Relaxation>Self Control Reflex
  5. Recovery Breathing
  6. Time in the Water
  7. Increases Red Blood cell count and volume

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Images care of Brisbane Barracudas Underwater Hockey Club – link just below

Underwater Hockey Equipment

If you contact your local club they are often happy to lend you some gear to have a go (I recently went to Brisbane Barracudas here and they supplied nearly everything and waved the game fee!)

  1. Mask and Snorkel
  2. Short Fins (Rubber, Plastic or Composite) – Sean mentioned Mares Quatro or Penetrator UWH Carbon’s
  3. Hat
  4. Hockey Stick – Sean I wasn’t joking, can you make me and Turbo our sticks? 🙂
  5. Glove

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For fast navigation through Sean Hartley’s interview, here are some major moments…


02:30 Bamaga teaching and spearfishing origins – We hear about Sean’s overprotective Mum!

03:00 Gold Coast line fishing

04:00 Early Obstacles; getting close to fish and finding the right territory

06:30 First Memorable Fish – Big Cod (Grouper) on untouched reef

07:40 Favorite Spearfishing Hunting Technique – the stalk

09:45 Scary Moments x2 A croc chase and a shark setup with subsequent poo in wetsuit

13:45 Veterans Vault – a full run down on Underwater Hockey; from how to get started, what equipment you need, the rules, an overview, benefits to spearfishing and other parts of life.

34:00 Whats in Sean Hartley Divebag

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38:00 Fast 5 Facts for Noobs

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Above. some photos from his early days chasing cray’s with some local Bamaga Year 12 students

Sean’s Parting Underwater Hockey Advice “Just give it a good go!” – and visit his club the Cairns Crays here

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