Interview with Sean Hascup

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Costa Rica Spearfishing Guide at Hascup Hunts


Sean joins us to share a bit about his spearfishing journey. The adjustment from Florida to Costa Rica spearfishing conditions was quite interesting to learn about. He started spearfishing in Stuart, Florida chasing Lobster and other species while pole fishing but when the fish weren’t biting Sean decided to jump in and try spearfishing. He saved up money slowly to buy his first spearfishing gun,  an AB Biller. Seans hunters mindset becomes quickly apparent in this interview. Listen into how he observes his environment and fish behavior. Big highlights of Sean Hascup’s interview were hunting tips and knowledge for Cubera Snapper, Wahoo and Tuna.

Sean Hascup Spearfishing Guide Costa Rica. Interview with Noob Spearo

Time Stamps

00:00 Seans Background. Stuart Florida origins and an introduction to Costa Rica.

13:00 How Sean got started guiding spearfishing in Costa Rica. A little information for people interested in learning more about Hascup hunts. Cubera Snapper, Wahoo and Tuna are the 3 big draws for traveling spearo’s.

17:00 Most memorable fish – Cubera Snapper 62lbs!

22:00 Favorite spearfishing hunting technique – wahoo technique

27:00 Toughest situation – pole spear scare

30:00 Veterans Vault – Costa Rica’s Big 3 Species – the Costa Rican Slam

  • Cubera spearfishing information and hunting tips
  • Tuna hunting. Spearfishing tips and techniques
  • Wahoo spearfishing wisdom and tips

Sean Hascup Spearfishing interview

51:00 Funniest Moment

59:00 Spearo Q&A

63:00 Parting tips and wisdom

Sean Hascup Hunts International

  • Hotel and B&B in Jacó, Costa Rica
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  • More information for Hascup Hunts here

Hascup Hunts Spearfishing Resort Costa Rica

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