Interview with Sebastian Kramer

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Sebastian Kramer is a German born spearo living predominantly in Wellington, New Zealand. An adopted kiwi by choice, Sebastian now trains people about how to freedive and he also takes guided spearfishing trips to various locations in the Pacific including Tonga which is famous for sail fish and dogtooth tuna. In this interview we discuss some practicalities for traveling and spearfishing in remote locations. With personal stories from spearfishing all over South East Asia and the Pacific Islands Sebastian had plenty of examples to draw from as he lays out some practical tips and wisdom for the intrepid spearo. Enjoy!

Sebasitan Kramer Spearfishing Guide. A Noob Spearo Podcast Interview

Important Times

3:00 Sebastian’s background and a few warm-up jokes. A bit about spearfishing in Wellington, New Zealand and how he became a freediving instructor.

10:00 Biggest obstacle starting out spearfishing. Being anxious about diving deeper particularly in murky, dark waters.

13:00 Memorable fish stories. Bill fish in Tonga. Huge Malabar Grouper and entering line fishing competitions;)

22:00 Favorite spearfishing hunting technique. The zen moment, blue water adaptation. Mentioned is Terry Maas Bluewater Hunting Book found here

25:00 Fear inducing moment – his friend’s blackout and what actually happened to him physiologically

29:00 Veterans Vault: Planning and preparing to travel and spearfish in remote locations

Sebastian has traveled extensively and shares from some of his experiences.

Discussed was a realistic spearfishing first aid kit for traveling. Link to the first aid trauma kit mentioned here

43:00 Funniest moments: Philippines dynamite fishing. Mandatory Poo story this time in South East Asia.

47:00 Whats in Sebastian Kramers divebag (he gives us his coldwater bag and tropical bag). Torelli Gear dominated and HECS suit in the tropics. Also mentioned is the Suunto D4icheck it out here and use the code NOOBSPEARO to save $20

53:00 Spearo Q&A

  • Most influential people in Sebastians spearfishing journey
  • If Sebastian had to start spearfishing all over again what would he do differently
  • Single best piece of advice he’s received
  • 1-3 piece of advice for people starting spearfishing themselves

Find Sebastian Kramer here

  • Freediving courses in Wellington here
  • Spearfishing charters all over the places here
  • Sebastian on Facebook here
  • Instagram here

Sebastian Kramer spearfishing and freediving instructor

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