Interview with Sonny Kaeo Landon-Lane

Today’s urgent interview is with Sonny Kaeo Landon-Lane highlighting a potential game changing fisheries ban for spearos in Tasmania! The Sand Flathead, Striped Trumpeter, Bastard Trumpeter and the Banded Morwong are all at risk of being completely banned for spearos – are spearos the reason for their decline? How can I get involved and stop this ban from happening? All this and some juicy details about Tasmania spearfishing and dive conditions!

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Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:05 Welcome Sonny! Kaeo Landon-Lane!
  • 05:05 Spearfishing is becoming more and more popular
  • 09:15 Let’s talk about Tasmania spearfishing conditions!
  • 13:15 Tasmanian’s love their cooking!
  • 14:55 Where has this attack on spearfishing regulation come from? Sand Flathead
  • 18:10 Striped Trumpeter
  • 24:20 Bastard Trumpeter
  • 25:55 Dislike for spearfishing: average person’s view on spearfishing
  • 36:05 Banded Morwong

  • 40:00 Emotionally driven by a poor understanding of spearfishing: the data and figures
  • 42:10 The rest of the regulation document
  • 44:40 How can I get help? scalefish.review@nre.tas.gov.au
  • 52:10 The reality of spearfishing
  • 58:30 What drove you to become a freedive instructor?
  • 01:04:40 Blackout experience and why to do a freediving course
  • 01:13:50 Instructor’s make a difference: how do you convince someone to take a course?
  • 01:17:45 Buddy diving is risk management

  • 01:20:40 Taking responsibility
  • 01:22:50 A memorable hunt or dive trip
  • 01:26:40 Freedive Tasmania Shop
  • 01:30:40 Thank you for being on the show!
  • 01:32:00 Outro

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Important Links

  • Let your voice be heard: scalefish.review@nre.tas.gov.au
  • Take the survey!
  • instructorkaeo@freedivetasmania.com
  • www.freedivetasmania.com



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