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the Summary for Month of Mackerel


Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel. Different names in different places.

Here is a brief list of names for Spanish Mackerel. See one missing? Put it in the comments!

  • South Africa: King Mackerel, Couta, Cuda
  • Malaysia: Tenggiri
  • Australia: Narrow-Barred Mackerel, Spaniard, Spanish Mackerel
  • USA: Barred Mackerel, Narrow-Barred Mackerel, Striped Seer, Kingfish
  • Arabia: Kanaad, Kanad or Kana’d mackerel
  • India: Konem in Telugu, Vanjaram in Tamil, Anjal in Tulu
  • Iran: Shir Mahi شیرماهی
  • Philippines: Tanigue
  • Indonesia: Ikan Tenggiri
  • Somalia: Yuumbi
  • Fiji: Walu
  • Qatar: Kingfish (from Coatesmans blog)

Noob Spearo’s Month of Mackerel was inspired after an email exchange with one of our Noob Spearo Podcast listeners. He asked for more hunting tips and made a few cracker suggestions that we will be implementing in other upcoming posts and interviews. Here is a brief summary of our Month of Mackerel for people who want to know more about chasing these sleek speedsters.

Spearfishing Spanish Mackerel – Turbos 2 Part series.


Part 1, How to hunt Spanish Mackerel

Part 1 is all about putting yourself in the right place at the right time. It has a good run-down on equipment and how to attract Mackerel once you are in the water.

Noob Spearo Podcast 015

Rob Allen Spearfishing in Mozambique

Part 2, How to fight and land a Spanish Mackerel

Part 2 follows up with advice on shot placement, what to do with that exciting running fish and how to get it back to the boat.

Shore Dive Narrow Barred Spanish mackerel

Rogues and mate with shore dive caught Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel

We were also privileged to interview two prolific and experienced Spanish Mackerel Hunters

Listen in here, NSP:015 Rob Allen, spearfishing equipment pioneer

First out of the blocks was Rob Allen, a man famous for the manufacture of high quality spearfishing equipment. Taking down Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and other Pelagics was the reason for designing the original Rob Allen Speargun and he shares that story + lots of tips, tricks and information about taking down these quality fish.

Rob Allen Spearfishing

Rob Allen in his element. Using and testing the equipment that they design and manufacture there in Durban, S.A

Listen in here, NSP:016 Dr Richard Pillans, the Mackerel Whisperer (Our Words!)

Our second specialist guest for the Month of Mackerel was Richard Pillans an Australian based Marine Biologist who loves nothing more than putting a 7mm spring steel shaft through a frolicking Mackerel. In a solid 60 minute interview Richard lays down some excellent info for the aspiring Mackerel Master.

KingMackerel Spearfishing, KingFish Spearfishing, Spanish Mackerel Spearfishing Huning techniques

Richard with a horse mackerel


Spanish Mackerel Spearfishing Records

Turbo also pieced together the past 25 years of Narrow-Barred Spanish Mackerel Records. Check out the photos and stories behind some of the biggest Spanish Mackerel you’ve ever seen.

Cuta World Record

Read the Spanish Mackerel World Records Post for more information and photos. Pictured Jamie Lough (POS crew)


Peter Taings story about a recent monster Spanish Mackerel

Peter Taing is a local Brisbane based Spearo who recently shot a 36.8 kg (80lb+) Spanish Mackerel. Read his account of a memorable capture.


Spearfishing Mackerel Facts 3

Pictured Troy Hartley


Pictured, Michael Upton (Dive Knife Salesman)

Pictured, Michael Upton (Dive Knife Salesman)

barred mackerel, narrow-barred mackerel, striped seer

JLow again!

After reading through our month of mackerel you might have noticed we have missed something, please let us know in the comments below! For more tips to improve your spearfishing check out 99 Tips To Get Better At Spearfishing – actionable information from more than 40 of the worlds best spearo’s!

Thanks for reading,

Turbo and Shrek

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