Interview with Cris Dillon, Chris Coates & Barret Harvey

Rad catch-up with the Spearjunkies fellas who have just released Season 1. We chat locations, Coatesmans secret techniques (that get shown to the world), budget blowouts and flight hassles, massive fish, super clean water and even sharks along with getting towed behind a monster Sailfish. Super cool chat with super cool blokes! Listen in:)

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Important Times

04:45 Introductions. Big welcome to Cris Dillon, Barret Harvey and Chris Coates. An introduction into the Spearjunkies concept

08:00 What inspired the Spearjunkies Species List?

11:00 Coatesman Hunting Techniques and Secret Tricks on the series

13:30 Spearjunkies Roles Discussion

14:50 Mozambique Experience and Spearfishing

17:00 Species Surprises. How planning took place

19:30 King Mackerel (Spanish Mackerel) Discussion

26:00 The Spearjunkies Project Chat. Budgets, Timelines, Distribution & More

30:45 Castor Banks, Madagascar Spearfishing Q&A

33:50 Shooting a Sailfish on a Reelgun

36:00 What is coming is Spearjunkies Season II?

39:00 Personal Locator Beacons and Getting Lost at Sea

41:30 Lessons Learned. Flight Pain for Spearos

43:45 Connect with Spearjunkies at Spearjunkies.com | @spearjunkies on Instagram


NSP:144 Spearjunkies TV Series Release


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