Interview with Spencer Allen

Today’s episode is with Spencer Allen from California. He is an all in spearo that has fully embraced the lifestyle and has been a big contributor to the 99 Spearo Recipes book. His cooking is even better than his spearfishing! After losing all his gear in a house fire, he stopped hunting and never really got back into it until he started kayak fishing. After being smashed attempting a big surf launch he almost gave it up again, but decided not to quit. He found some buddies to take him out again and ended up catching a 41 inch Halibut. He has been hooked ever since! Join us as we chat about spearfishing and cooking, the Channel Islands, finding buddies and ways to be a better spearo. Let us know what you think about this episode!


Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro and 99 Spearo Recipes messages
  • 05:25 Welcome Spencer! Tell us about yourself!
  • 09:07 What is a yard sale and how do you launch in the surf?
  • 11:39 I hooked a 41 inch Halibut!spencer's first halibut
  • 12:18 What is your fishing/hunting history?
  • 13:58 Spencer Allen Youtube
  • 14:30 How did you transition from the surface to hunting underwater?
  • 16:27 Spearfishing clubs vs doing a course
  • 19:47 Paying someone to help you start vs taking someone out
  • 20:54 How did you find buddies and into the spearfishing community?
  • 22:46 First experience with a pole spear
  • 23:37 Tell us about the first pole spear you got and how you have upgraded it
  • 25:23 Scallop foraging and hunting groups that go after only 1 species
  • 27:37 Tips for bringing in fish and your first Sheepshead
  • 29:39 I feel more like an otter, explain. Dive Camp Videos pt 1 and pt 2
  • 31:44 Decision making in spearfishing
  • 33:40 Establishing fundamentals and experimenting with different ideas
  • 38:38 Meat Eater and hunting mammals
  • 40:01 Nature is brutal and cruel at timesspencer allen 99 recipes
  • 40:50 Have you cooked with Octopus?
  • 41:27 Umami – tell us more
  • 43:39 Overcooking – how do you cook your fish for the right time?
  • 45:02 Why do people think that undercooked meat is unsafe?
  • 47:31 99 Spearo Recipes that you have submitted
  • 49:33 As we get better we target better tasting species – this can take away from our cooking skills
  • 52:10 “What can I do with what I have?”
  • 54:47 Tell us about Uni – urchins, why do people automatically turn their nose up at it?
  • 57:15 Flavour profiles of urchin in different areas and time
  • 01:00:52 Getting trophy scallops on oil rigs
  • 01:04:08 You work in a high pressure career and decided to take a sabbatical which lead you into making videos
  • 01:09:05 Who are your favourite influential spearos?
  • 01:10:22 Stewardship vs Gate Keeping: finding buddies and making spearfishing welcoming to people
  • 01:15:00 Values, circumstances and interests: being clear about what you goals are and difficult conversations
  • 01:18:44 Boats vs kayak fishing – kayak’s have their own appeal
  • 01:21:04 Memorable experiences in the Channel Islands
  • 01:22:18 What are the conditions like in the Channel Islands?
  • 01:23:45 What are the funniest stories you have from spearfishing? Punching to dispatch
  • 01:28:00 Do you still fish from the surface?
  • 01:29:27 Freediving community in SoCal and equalizing
  • 01:32:21 Freediving courses –  is more than a level 1 necessary?
  • 01:35:33 What’s in your gear bag?
  • 01:39:26 Spearo Q&A
    • Describe the spearfishing experience in 1 sentence
    • Most influential people in spearfishing
    • If you had to start all over, what would you do differently?
    • Who’s the best person to go spearfishing with?
    • What is your dream spearfishing destination?
    • What do you do to combat imposter syndrome
  • 01:44:04 Last piece of advice
  • 01:44:43 OutroNSP171 instagram
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