Interview with Jack ‘Strick’ Strickland and Aaron ‘Az’ Gallagher

Getting Back to Basics!

I finally got a chance to hang out with the lads from the North! Strick and Az were invited along for the Bunker Group charter in the Southern Great Barrier Reef along with me and a few others on the Eastern Voyager. This interview was recorded live after a few days diving and I had a ball. In this interview we chat spearing with crocs, blackouts, hunting techniques along with plenty of banter. Listen in!

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NSP:139 Strick and Az | Getting Back to Basics Adventures

The B2B Boys Frothing on Spearfishing! Jack ‘Strick’ (far left) and Aaron ‘Az’ (far right)

Important Times

03:45 Hello and welcome to Strick & Az

5:00 How did it all start? Spearfishing Origins and the Bromance

10:00 Reelgun Convo

12:45 Az Blackout Story | VIDEO BELOW – ‘EXHALE’ the Back to Basics Spearfishing Blackout Video

24:30 Hunting Techniques | Spearfishing Blackspot Tuskfish with Az

29:00 Hunting Techniques | Spearfishing Green Jobfish with Strick

35:20 VETERANS VAULT | Transferable Skills from Line (Pole) Fishing to Spearfishing and Vice Versa

NSP:139 Strick and Az | Getting Back to Basics Adventures

54:27 Scary Moments | Spearfishing with Salt Water Crocodiles with Az | Bull Shark Rush with Strick

66:00 Kava Convo

67:47 How did Back to Basics Adventures Start?

73:40 Best Dive Day Preparation in terms of food, supplements and sleep

76:30 Funny Moments out Spearfishing

78:30 What’s in your spearfishing dive bag?

82:50 Spearo Q&A

  • Dream Spearfishing Destination
  • Bucket List Fish
  • Who has been the most influential person/people in your spearfishing journey?
  • What does the spearfishing experience mean to you?

NSP:139 Strick and Az | Getting Back to Basics Adventures

Connect with Strick and Az from Back to Basics Adventures

Yarns with Az and Taz

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