Interview with Brian & Karin Trautman

Brian and Karin Trautman have been sailing and spearing their way around the world on their 53-foot yacht SV Delos for 10 years. They are inspiring, intelligent and passionate people, caring about the environment and giving back to the communities that welcome them. Their YouTube channel is #2 in the sailing world, has over 595k subscribers and 7 million monthly views. In this interview (mostly with Brian due to Karin being on family duty with their daughter SIerra;) we chat all about what it’s like living off a sailboat, the art of sailing and spearfishing remote locations! Listen in!

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SV Delos sail boat. Sailing and spearing with Brian Trautman

SV Delos sail boat

Important Times

04:00 Introduction to Brian Trautman and a bit about SV Delos and how it all started

08:00 Characteristics and Abilities required to sail full-time

11:00 The last 12 months on SV Delos

21:00 Sailing Seasons

25:30 Spearfishing Remote Locations

37:00 Running the YouTube channel

50:25 Funny Stories from SV Delos

59:30 Quick catch-up with Karin

Links Mentioned

Connect with Brian, Karin and Sierra aboard SV Delos

Brian and the giant lobster. Sailing and Spearing

Brian and the giant lobster

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