Interview with Sven Franklin


This interview we head down to the hipster capitol of Australia Melbourne to chat with Sven Franklin. We chat all about Club Spearfish, a local Melbourne spearfishing club where they have a great culture and some pretty cool meetups. Sven also gives us a good overview of Melbourne spearfishing species and areas to go as well as some idea about weather and conditions which is always helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed this chat and Sven reinforced several huge factors for improving your spearfishing such as the importance of hydration, being a good buddy and staying grateful. Listen in!

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Mentioned in the show was this article by Sven called What I Learned In My First Year Spearfishing – check it out:)

What i learned in my first year spearfishing | Sven Franklin

Time Stamps

5:00 Sven’s background and beginnings spearfishing. Scuba fins and his first leather jacket.

7:30 What ate the target species in Melbourne?  What are the productive locations and structure?

20:00 What has been your most memorable spearfishing catch so far?

24:30 What other Melbourne species are great for new spearo’s?

27:45 What has been your toughest situation in the ocean so far?

30:00 Have you kept a dive log since you started spearfishing?

32:00 Veterans Vault – How do I find a spearfishing buddy?

37:50 What has been your funniest moment out spearfishing so far?

40:00 What is in you spearfishing dive bag?

Roller Speargun Conversion Tutorial Video with Turbo

46:00 Spearo Q&A

  1. Can you explain what the spearfishing experience means t you
  2. What is the single best piece of advice youve been gf-ve?
  3. Who has been the most influential person in your spearfishing?
  4. If you could start spearfishing all over again, what would you do differently
  5. What is the single biggest thing youve learned in your first year spearfishing?

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