Tanc Sade Spearfishing Interview

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In this interview Tanc Sade shares some interesting spearfishing tales,  from hunting the elusive White Sea Bass off the coast of California to a story about a vindictive dolphinfish that injures his dive buddy.

Tanc is a sought after Actor, having recently returning to his base in Los Angeles after shooting in Melbourne for three months on childhoods end, a mini series for the syfy network. Last year he played Alec Holester as a series regular on Robert Rodriguez’s Matador and guest starred on sons of anarchy. While in California he regularly heads out chasing White Sea Bass and other spearfishing target species.

In 2012 Tanc broke the Australian National Dynamic Freediving record by swimming 218m on a single breath. He backed it up in 2013 to break the Australian National Dynamic No-fins record with a swim of 177m. With a keen focus and passion for sharing about spearfishing safety and awareness Tanc’s interview makes for an entertaining listen.


Spearfishing California, Tanc Sade with prized White Sea Bass. Tanc Sade Spearfishing Interview

Interview Times Quick-Guide – Fast Navigation for Reference

5:00 First people that Tanc credits with helping him get serious about spearfishing. Craig Shepard from Obsession Dive in Sydney

9:00 First White Sea Bass and lessons learned. Persistence pays off

13:00 Alpha-Tanc, fish over the shoulder delivering the feast to starving miniskirt clad Hollywood actresses

14:00 Scary Moment, tangled while trying to subdue a large White Sea Bass. Watch the Video

Tanc lays out some lessons learned

  1. Always take a full breath
  2. If the fish lights up after you get hold of it, let it go
  3. Have your knives, lanyards and gear set up correctly and ready to use in emergency
  4. Remove all tangle points on your gear. He identifies some specifics in the interview
  5. Share your mistakes with others so that everyone learns

20:00 Veterans Vault, Knowing your body and understanding its limitations

32:00 Aggressive Dolphinfish?

34:00 Fast Five Facts for Noobs

38:00 Crucial Kit + Surface Interval Advice


Spearfishing yellowtail kingfish. Tanc Sade Spearfishing Interview

Big Yellow Tail Kingfish


Tanc Sade spearfishing green jobfish

The elusive Green Jobfish or Uku


In this interview, Tanc shares a very real story about becoming seriously and dangerously entangled while subduing a large White Sea Bass. You can watch it all unfold here

Also mentioned in the interview is a popular Facebook page that Tanc founded. Specifically for Spearo’s and Freedivers to connect and communicate on, Freedivers is a popular page with Spearo’s all over the world. Join this page to get involved with great content and conversations on here about all things spearfishing and freediving.


Training for Spearfishing – Freedive Courses

Tanc Sade is also an advocate for formal training. He makes several recommendations;

  • Apnea Australia. Apnea Australia has spearfishing trainers
  • Simon Trippe and Andrew Harvey who run training for spearfishing
  • Ant Judge is another high value freediving trainer that Tanc identifies.

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