Interview with Thomas Smythe and Ryan Noffke aka Smythy and Noffs

Todays interview is with Thomas Smythe and Ryan Noffke, aka Smythy and Noffs from the That’s Chat podcast! They run an awesome show that ranges from spearfishing to MMA, working out to banter and all sorts in between. They are a pair of funny blokes that live in an amazing place for spearfishing and absolutely froth on the lifestyle. Hear what it’s like living and spearfishing on the Great Barrier Reef, dealing with sharks, how to hunt better and so much more. Go give the That’s Chat Podcast a follow and a listen!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:30 Welcome Ryan and Tom!
  • 09:20 Where did the podcast start?
  • 11:20 Spearfishing history
  • 23:10 Spearfishing in Mackay
  • 31:05 Memorable fish and hunts
  • 35:05 Shot process

  • 38:55 How do you aim
  • 41:50 Hunting Tuskies
  • 46:35 Gus the Blue Groper
  • 48:50 The future of the That’s Chat podcast

  • 54:35 Scary stuff
  • 01:08:00 Funny stories

  • 01:16:15 What resources helped you improve your spearfishing?
  • 01:22:10 Eastern Voyager spearfishing trip and future plans
  • 01:25:10 Sharks
  • 01:29:15 Best piece of spearfishing advice
  • 01:34:35 Outro


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