Interview with Michael Isbey | Matakana Fish Smoker

Matakana Smokehouse Purveyor Michael Isbey joins me to discuss the art (and science) of smoking fish. We chat different types of smokers, brine, fish preparation, what types of fish are great to smoke, ways to serve smoked fish and more. This is a geekout on the Art of Smoking Fish with a bloody good bloke. Listen in to this episode of the Noob Spearo Podcast on your podcast app of choice here!

NSP:134 The Art of Smoking Fish | Michael Isbey from Matakana Smokehouse

Important Times

02:40 Michael Isbey from Matakana Smokehouse Introduction

15:30 The Art of Smoking Fish Veterans Vault

  • Smokers? Basic to high end. Costs, brands, pros and cons. Good home units.

26:00 Taking care of fish after the catch. Ike Jime, cutting out the gills, gutting the fish and further preparation

28:40 What kinds of fish work best for smoking?

30:30 How thick should the fillets be? Time considerations. How do you adjust for fish size etc

31:00 Brine | benefits? My mate doesn’t like to wet brine at all, he can’t get it right, they just turn salty. However with dry brine, his smoked fish tastes awesome.

  • Dry Brine: Rubs and ingredients | secret sauce. Things to experiment with. Planning experiments.

37:00 Serving smoked fish. What is the best? Miso, sandwiches, fresh out of the smoker, pies, pate, salads etc

40:00 Formula vs Art | Is smoking fish a science or an art?

41:45 Smoking other stuff | mussels, octopus, squid, venison, beef?

49:00 Michael’s Favorite Fish to Hunt | Tips and Tricks for New Zealand Snapper

53:00 Toughest Situation on the Ocean

55:10 Funniest Time out Spearfishing

57:45 Spearo Q&A

Links Mentioned

Matakana Smokehouse, New Zealand

  • Located on the Corner of Sharps Rd and Matakana Road. Warkworth, New Zealand
  • Call +64 20 4010 7815
  • Boutique Smokehouse with a preference for organic ingredients
  • NZ food awards finalist

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