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What’s a podcast???

If you don’t know what a podcast is don’t worry you’re not alone. A podcast is simply recorded audio (like a radio show) but it’s not live. It’s also often been edited and then distributed around the internet to different podcast directories (think podcast apps) such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many others. Watch this short video to learn how to subscribe and download a podcast.


Audio (and video) Podcasts have become a popular way for people to learn, become connected and engaged with spearfishing. Check out this list of spearfishing Podcasts available for you to download, subscribe and listen to. If we are missing one, let us know in the comments below!



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The SpearFactor Podcast features spearfishermen and watermen from around the world to share their experiences in the ocean in order to help us all become better divers and stewards of the ocean. The experts that Bret Whitman has on the show covers all facets of a life based around the ocean. These areas include surfing, freediving, boating, gear manufacturing, fitness training, and cooking. The goal of having this diversity is to help you become a more educate and complete spearfishing ambassador. Find out more at www.spearfactor.com


Fin and Forage Podcast

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As a one-stop-shop for spearfishing, foraging, culinary content, activism and conservation, Fin + Forage seeks to build a community around a shared passion for wild and responsible food. The cornerstone of Fin + Forage is a multi-media hub for educational content. With contributions from the spearfishing community, scientists and chefs, Fin + Forage promotes safe diving and sustainable practices while providing the tools to become a better and more well-rounded hunter-gatherer. Hosted by Ryan Gentry!

Fin and Forage Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


Cast and Spear

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We love catching fish and we want to share the stoke with you. Our goal is to bring on members of the fishing community to share tips and stories to help you catch more fish. We cover a wide variety of fishing methods including surf fishing, spearfishing, inshore and offshore fishing. If you have suggestions for what you’d like us to cover, shoot us a DM on Instagram @castandspear. Tight lines and we’ll see you on the water!

Cast and Spear Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


Freedive Live with Ted Harty

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Join me as I take a deep dive into all things Freediving and explore even more about this amazing sport that has give me so much. My name is Ted Harty and I teach people to freedive deeper, stay longer and become safer. I’m the founder of Immersion Freediving as well my new pride and joy www.FreedivingSafety.com. Dive safe out there, it’s not even that hard.

Freedive Live with Ted Harty. Spearfishing Podcast List


TazYarns Podcast

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Taz was one half of the “Podcast Yarns With Az And Taz”, he’s a Far North Queensland Australian Banana Farmer, Recreational Fisherman/Spear fisherman on the Great Barrier Reef, Jiujitsu Practitioner, Musician and Passionate Family man. Come have a listen to all the truths and tales from all the crazy crew he invites into his Podcave and share his Yarns with ya mates!!

Tazyarns Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast list


Chumming Up

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The all ocean, fishing and spearfishing podcast with all the excitement and fun but none of the wank! Hosted by stand up comedian and WA Raw Winner, Squirly and fishing and spearfishing champion Leigh Mitchell.

Chumming Up Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast list


Just Add Water Podcast

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Norwegian Spearfishing Podcast Hosted by Ivan Knudseth & Ørjan Dyrnes. Just Add Water er en podcast som tar for seg den fantastiske verdenen i, ved og under vann. Her vil vi snakke om undervannsjakt, fridykking, fangst, matlaging, turer, konkurranser og generelt alt som har med havet og de muligheten du har med en gang du setter på deg en våtdrakt, strammer dykkermasken, trekker pusten og dykker ned i en verden full av eventyr. Bli med oss da vel!

Just add Water Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


Xhale Podcast

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Hosted by Eric Shearouse and Rodman Leas from Xhale Spearfishing. The Xhale Podcast covers all subjects spearfishing as well as dabbling in all aspects of being a Florida outdoorsman.

Xhale Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


All Things Wild Podcast

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Exploring our planet’s wildlife through genuine conversations with scientists, conservationists, nature lovers, and individuals who have had profound experiences with wild animals. Martin Kitto is a New Jersey based spearo and curious guy with an engaging style. His show features several spearfishing specific interviews and episodes. Listen in.

All Things Wild Podcast. Spearfishing Podcasts list

UV Podcast (Danish)

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Uvpodcast handler om fridykning og uvjagt. Morten Rosenvold Villadsen forfatter til ‘Hold Vejret – en bog om fridykning’ og blogger har forskellige gæster i studiet og der bliver talt om rejser, fisk, vand, dykning uden vejrtrækning, rekordforsøg og der bliver delt ud af tips og tricks fra mange års erfaring med rejser med harpun, snorkel og våddragt i bagagen.

Uvpodcast Spearfishing Podcast list. Undervandsjagt & fridykning - Uvpodcast.


The Spear

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The Spearfishing Podcast I wish existed when I was starting out. I am your host Roman Castro from SpearoBlog. I started THE SPEAR to interview other Spearos and Spearfishing companies to learn from their experiences and share them with YOU. This Podcast is now no longer updated.

the Spear Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


This Ocean Life

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This Ocean Life Podcast. 130+ episodes. Weekly podcast series capturing the stories and perspectives of people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. Fishing, free diving, art, music, surfing, paddling, spearfishing, conservation, sailing, anything in the ocean… Hosted by Josh Pederson, from Santa Cruz, California, USA. This podcast has not been updated for a while.

This Ocean Life Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


SpearWest Podcast

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Western Australia based Podcast focused on WA spearos and Australian Spearfishing.

SpearWest Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


Wild Fish and Game Podcast | Harvesting Nature

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Join Harvesting Nature’s very own, Justin Townsend and the HN Crew as they guide you through the world of cooking wild fish and game meat, their adventures to obtain food, and the lessons learned along the way. Harvesting Nature is a media outlet with the main focus to educate and inspire those wishing to live the outdoor lifestyle with a focus of hunting and fishing for food. Follow along with us as we help you Find your Wilderness Please reach out with questions and comments to whatscooking@harvestingnature.com

Wild Fish and Game Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


At the Helm with Adventureman Dan’s Podcast

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The official podcast of “Adventureman Dan” and his adventures around the world. Here you will find many in depth discussions about all things adventure! Stories, advice, how to and of course a few laughs from his exploits spearfishing, sailing, freediving, van life, and much much more. Enjoy!

At the Helm with Adventureman Dan. Spearfishing Podcasts List


UK Spearfishing Podcast

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The official spearfishing Podcast of the United Kingdom. Hosted by Matt Coombe, this Cornish Podcast has interviewed a few absolute characters who froth on their local water spearing. Listen in:)

UK Spearfishing Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


Salty Journals

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Salty journals is a podcast for ocean lovers. You may be a surfer, kitesurfer, Freediver, Spearfisher, or just really into hanging on the beach at the weekend. This podcast brings together stories and tales from ocean addicts.

Salty Journals Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


Freedive Cafe

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The world’s dedicated freediving podcast. Longform interviews with the deepest humans on Earth. Occasional interviews with spearos!

Freedive Cafe Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast List


Noob Spearo Podcast

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Interviews with spearfishing experts, authorities and characters from all over the world. Listen into Isaac ‘Shrek’ Daly talk to entertaining buggers from all over the planet.

Noob Spearo Podcast. Spearfishing Podcast list

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