Interview with Trevor Ketchion

Spearfishing can be seen as a costly sport to get started in and with the huge range of gear for sale these days, it can so easily end up costing a lot more than it needs to. Being a beginner and trying to buy your first pieces of gear can be an intimidating and tricky thing to get right. What do I need to buy new? What can I get away with buying 2nd hand? How do I look after this gear I have invested in? Join Shrek, Trevor Ketchion and Captain Dan Walsh as they discuss being a tightarse spearo and give a run down and discussion on all the basic equipment that a new spearo would need as well as cost cutting and DIY tips, maintenance, what to look for when buying 2nd hand and ultimately where you can cut corners and not cut yourself short. Spearos pride themselves on being able to adapt and be efficient, with our gear it’s no different. Are you a tightarse spearo? Have a listen and let us know what you think about these tips and tricks and comment your DIY tricks! Enjoy the episode!

Important Times

00:16 Introduction

03:28 Welcome to Trevor and Lincoln Smith message

05:00 Ashley Clark Email

06:56 Andrew Boulton Email

07:24 Spearfishing and Money Philosophy

08:08 Ben Vittino Voice Message

Basic Gear Purchasing

13:35 Fins

21:58 Spearguns

30:19 Booties

32:38 Gloves

34:13 Masks

37:46 Snorkels

42:07 Weights

44:47 Rubbish Spearos

45:50 Weight Belts

48:14 Floats and Riglines

58:49 Dive Knives

01:02:05 Dive Bags

Other Stuff

01:06:11 Boats

01:12:00 Electronics

01:15:40 DIY Gear Maintenance

01:24:55 Bargain Bins, Discounted Items and Buying 2nd Hand

01:29:24  Getting Sponsored

01:30:46 Wetsuits

01:33:35 Tips from Captain Dan Walsh

01:35:42 Final Thoughts

Bottom Scratcher Dive Boat LaddersThe Bottom Scratcher’s diver ladders – www.swimdean.com

Trevor runs a Facebook group called Rubbish Spearos, a funny name but it is a great initiative and fun way to clean up your local waterways. People post and compare “Deathpiles” of dozens of sinkers, lures, bits of plastic and even a few treasures found along the way! Go check it out! –> Rubbish Spearos


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