Interview with Tim Neilsen

Finally after more than 100 episodes partnership with Adreno, I interview the Founder, Tim Neilsen! Tim is a former Australian spearfishing champion with tonnes of ideas about everything from his own personal spearing rig to how a spearfishing retail store should serve their customers. Listen in and subscribe on iOS or Android https://link.chtbl.com/Download_This_Episode

NSP:138 Tim Neilsen Adreno Founder

Tim Neilsen with Footballer Trout

Important Times

4:00 Tim Neilsen Introduction

12:00 Winning the Australian National Spearfishing Titles in Tasmania

17:00 Stopping Smoking

20:30 Most Memorable Fish | Yellowfin Tuna 89kg & a Tongan Sailfish

25:00 Reels on Speargun Conversation

41:00 Shaft Overhang | The Neilsen 500

NSP:138 Tim Neilsen Adreno Founder

Left Rob Torelli, Right Tim Neilsen with his 89kg Yellowfin Tuna taken spearfishing on Ascension Island

46:40 Tim’s Rigline Setup

60:00 Scary Moment | Boat Near Miss

64:00 Spearo Q&A

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