Interview with Tom Sandstrom and Adam Stern

This episode is all about getting the word out about the all new Australian Spearfishing Course (in association with AUF) that will reach the next generation of spearos. We discuss how Adam Stern, Tom Sandstrom and the AUF are getting qualified crew into clubs to help teach groms and new spearos coming up about basic safety and physiology. Tommy and Adam “We will be creating a freediving for Spearfishing course that we want to role out throughout the country over the next 12-18 months, which we hope to have available for free to auf club members or at a super cheap price.”  Listen in as the boys drop some knowledge bombs while we learn about this cool new initiative!

Australian Spearfishing Courses | Important Times

07:00 @tommy_dozz introduction and background 09:30 The motivation behind doing the Freediving Instructor Course 15:00 Freediving courses for spearos? 22:00 Being a good spearfishing buddy 25:00 Pool training? Is it relevant for spearfishing? 35:00 Teaching people to spearfish 40:00 How Tommy started out in the water and introduction to spearfishing Australian Spearfishing Courses with Tommy Dozz Tom Sandstrom 42:00 Coffs Harbour Spearfishing Conditions and Fishery 44:20 Rotating your spearfishing through different spots 48:00 Adam Stern Drops In Late! 58:00 Three Active Components to Spearfishing | Equipment, Hunting and Freediving 61:00 Spearfishing Dolphin Fish aka MahiMahi 64:00 What happens in a Spearfishing Instructors Course?

  • What is in this spearfishing course?
  • What about the experience of the course? Did you have some characters in there?
  • Who was the most natural spearfishing Instructor?

78:00 Spearfishing Clubs and Competitions

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“Hi Isaac.
I have attached the poster and some basic information on the trial that ill be conducting.
I’m conducting a clinical trial for my thesis to further advance the knowledge basis of breathing techniques that may improve breath hold performance in divers.
I’m recruiting participants for my upcoming online land-based study of which you can be involved by participating to better inform us how to train according to the best available evidence.
Please contact me by email (in the photo) if you would be interested in participating in this study and I can send you more information.
We can talk on the phone if you wanted more info!
Thanks, I really appreciate it.
  breathing techniques that may improve breath hold performance in divers

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