Trevor Ketchion Brisbane Local Legend

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Trevor Ketchion Bi-Colour Parrotfish Spearfishing

Trevor Ketchion Bi-Colour Parrotfish

Trevor Ketchion is our first featured local legend. He qualifies in the legend capacity for a few reasons.

Number 1: Trevor has shared his knowledge and experience with many up and coming guys and girls, that has helped them become more effective and safer spearo’s.

Number 2: He has shot some awesome fish and continues to do so regularly while maintaining humility and the ability to have a laugh at himself.

Number 3: When the weather gets wild and Turbo is crying and cuddling himself at home just thinking about going out, Trevor is already 25km offshore laughing and having a good time

Trevor Ketchion Local Brisbane Spearo

Trevor Ketchion Local Brisbane Spearo

Interview Times Quick-Guide – Fast Navigation for Reference

4:00 Speargun aim technique and advice

6:00 Local Brisbane and southern Queensland spearfishing conditions

8:00 Guide to doing reconnaissance for new ground

14:00 The Haines Hunter spearfishing boat

15:00 Veterans Vault – Heading out on your first trips on other spearos boats. Do’s and Donts

17:00 Seasickness Advice

23:00 Great White sharks and spearfishing

26:00 Fast Five Facts for Noobs

29:00 Crucial Kit for Noobs

34:00 Turbo’s Polespear Q&A

He also shares his thoughts on everything from spearguns to ethics – Enjoy!

Featured Local Legend Trevor Ketchion

Featured Local Legend Trevor Ketchion

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