USA Spearfishing Clubs

California (Northern California)

  • Name of Club: NorCal Underwater Hunters
  • Location: North Coast California
  • Contact details: Website
  • Size: ?
  • Summary of club activity: Diving forum dedicated to the North Coast of California

California (Monterey)

  • Name of club: Monterey Bay Tritons
  • Location: Monterey, California (USA)
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook: | Instagram
  • Size: 47 paid members so far for 2019
  • Summary of club activity: The Monterey Bay Tritons are a freedive spearfishing club located in Monterey Bay, California. We are dedicated to safe and conservation minded spearfishing along our amazing coast line. The Tritons welcome the knowledge of all experience levels and if you are interested in freediving, spearfishing and underwater photography, you are invited to come and meet the Tritons at one of our many club dive days.

California (L.A)

  • Name of club: Los Angeles Fathomiers
  • Location: Southern California
  • Contact details: Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 80+
  • Summary of club activity: The Los Angeles Fathomiers skindiving club is one of the oldest and most active competitive spearfishing clubs in California. It was organized in early 1957 as primarily a freediving club devoted to the art of spearfishing. The Fathomiers is a club that welcomes individual divers who enjoy learning the specialized skill of underwater hunting and the selective and conservative taking of game. The club name is widely known throughout the diving world. Underwater hunting with the emphasis on spearfishing, including hunting for white seabass, yellowtail, tuna, halibut, etc., together, with the selective taking of lobsters and abalone and just plain diving for fun are the fundamental activities of the club. A number of Fathomiers are widely renowned for their contributions to the sport, while others are holders of all time big game spearfishing records. Their reputations and incredible achievements speak for themselves. Looking at the all-time record holders for selected species of fish one will see a considerable number of Fathomiers names. We are widely recognized for our participation in organized competitive spearfishing events locally, nationally and internationally. The Fathomiers welcome divers of all levels of experience and hold a regular monthly membership meeting on the second Thursday evening of the month.

California (Oceanside California)

  • Name of club: North County Depth Finders
  • Location: Oceanside California
  • Contact details:  Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 60-80 members
  • Summary of club activity: The Depth Finders were established in 2013 to build the community of Freedivers between Southern San Diego and Orange County. Safety and Sustainability is our goal when enjoying this sport in our waters. If you’re looking to meet divers to split gas on your boat, plan a dive trip, or just kick out to the kelp, cruise by! Please join us at our monthly meetings to share a beer and tell your story. We meet every second Thursday of the month to discuss anything from offshore diving to techniques of hunting your next trophy fish.


Name: National Freshwater Spearfishing Association
Location: Utah (HQ) – Regional Representatives available in many states.
Contact details: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Size: 70+
Summary of club activity: Founded in 2008 to represent the freshwater spearfishing community in local, national and international competitions and provide resources to grow our sport.

Gulf of Mexico

  • Name : Gulf Coast Freedivers
  • Location : Gulf of Mexico (Currently from Texas to Tampa, Florida)
  • Contact Details : https://www.facebook.com/groups/2366715190218145/?ref=share
  • Size : 338 members currently
  • Summary : We are a Facebook group for Freedivers and Spearos along the Coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We spearfish the Gulf and dive in the fresh water springs in Florida. We have spring group diving trips and clean ups.


  • Name of club: Agua Verdes
  • Location: Louisiana (From the Florida Panhandle to Louisiana)
  • Contact details:  Website |Instagram | Facebook Group
  • Size: 42 members
  • Summary of club activity: Agua Verdes was formed to connect like-minded freedivers in an organized club to share knowledge, plan trips and training sessions, host annual tournaments and promote safe freediving and spearfishing. The club includes freedivers from the Florida Panhandle to Louisiana. We keep an up-to-date records board and photo gallery so be sure to check those out and see who’s shooting the biggest fish in the club.


  • Name of club: South Florida Freedivers
  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • Contact details:  Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 80+
  • Summary of club activity: South Florida Freedivers is the largest Freediving Club in South Florida! We raise money for local charities through fun spearfishing tournaments and club rendezvous. Our club meets monthly and features guest speakers on all subjects related to spearfishing, freediving and the ocean. Meetings are held every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM in various locations (check our Instagram page for updates), all spearos and freedivers are welcome!!

New Jersey

  • Name of club: NJ Jetty Masters Spearfishing
  • Location: New Jersey
  • Contact details:  Facebook | Instagram
  • Size: 40+ (est 2023)
  • Summary of club activity: “Our mission is to create a community of freedivers and spearos who are commited to promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the pursuit of our passion. We will be running competitions and events. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to find out more

Deep End Fitness

Deep End Fitness Mission: TO promote a positive shift in mental and physical health.

Deep End Fitness™ is centered on the practice of movement, breath work, and the strengthening of one’s mind in order to optimize human performance in and out of the water. Our program incorporates techniques and methodology developed in elite human performance training, research-backed science, and most importantly real life experience training thousands of people over the past 10 years. We utilize the operating system of F.R.E.E. (Focus, Relaxation, Economy of Motion, and Efficient Breathing) to drive in-water training and positively influence individual performance out of the pool. As a result, Deep End Fitness:

  • Develops critical thinking and problem solving in a controlled environment

  • Teaches mental relaxation and stress mitigation techniques

  • Helps individuals develop coping techniques for stress and anxiety

  • Promotes water survival preparation and drowning prevention for all skill levels in a safe and controlled environment

Although not specifically spearfishing, Deep End Fitness is serving our broader water loving community. Check them out at deependfitness.com

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