Interview With Vasilis Koroneos

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Creator of ‘My Blue Mind’ 2nd place film in the Deepex – Ill Pescatore in Apnea Video Competition

Joining us from Greece for this interview is Vasilis Koroneos a Civil Engineer who is well known for his spearfishing videos. In this interview we talk about target spearfishing species in Greece, types of structure and depth as well as common hunting techniques. There is a huge story about a 40kg Amberjack that takes place over multiple occasions before Vasilis eventually lands the fish, its a very interesting story and displays the predictability that these fish can display. In the Veterans Vault we hear an experienced Med divers educated perspective on the value of developing a sustainable mindset. Enjoy!

Vasilis Koroneos Deepex Finalist

Vasilis Koroneos Deepex Finalist with a huge Amberjack

Fast Reference For Vasilis Koroneos’s Interview

3:00 Vasilis introduction and his background. Spearfishing in Kythira, Greece. 30 years of insights! Ex-professional basketball player, we ask him what skills and abilities transferred.

10:00 How Vasilis approached gaining depth. We asked him about his journey learning to get better at spearfishing. He also talks about how others approach learning spearfishing in Greece.

16:00 We talk about his current spearfishing challenges – just getting out!

18:00 The Amberjack story. A three stage battle.

33:00 Favorite Spearfishing Hunting Technique – a marriage between Aspetos and Aquatos. Some takeaways about using ambush combined with species awareness and adopting the appropriate technique.

36:00 Scary Moment dealing with fish in awkward situations.

40:00 Veterans Vault: Spearfishing as part of the ecosystem. Developing an awareness of the environment, respect the sea and grow a sustainable mindset.

46:00 Whats in your divebag

  • Omer Camo Wetsuit
  • Omer Fins
  • Omer Spearguns

48:00 Deepex Spearfishing Video Competition. Vasilis Video Entries here.

Top 10 Species Shoot Out here


  1. Have knowledge about yourself and your environement
  2. Be fit and healthy
  3. Develop a good knowledge of your equipment
  4. Be patient
  5. Develop a sustainable mindset

53:00 Vasilis Koroneos YouTube Channel here

55:00 Prequel of whats coming next.

Thanks for listening!

NSP:040 Vasilis Koroneos Greek Deepex Finalist. Greece Spearfishing Catch

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