Interview with Bert, Joel and Rory!

Today’s interview is with Bert, Joel and Rory! Crystal clear water and some A-grade diving is in order for today as Bert, Joel and Rory show Shrek around the picturesque WA water near Exmouth! Shooting fish and eating it an hour later, finding huge crays in familiar structure, dealing with sharks and good stories from day 2 of our WA trip!

nsp211 bert

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Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:05 Welcome back Bert and Joel in the middle of a wetsuit repair!
  • 07:05 Welcome Rory! Tell us about Exmouth dive conditions
  • 11:45 What currents are around here?
  • 14:55 Planning a spearfishing trip
  • 15:30 Welcome back Joel! We have a sneaky arvo dive!

nsp211 spearguns

  • 19:15 Very fishy and very sharky…
  • 21:30 Cooking and eating fish!
  • 28:05 What fish did we get?
  • 33:20 Local knowledge is a huge benefit

nsp211 Shrek

  • 35:05 Our plan for tomorrow
  • 38:00 Getting that first fish of the day – dealing with stress and pressure in the water
  • 50:20 What are we targeting tomorrow?
  • 54:45 Your best hunt for a tusky
  • 56:15 Crayfish hunting with Bert and swim-through’s for Mangrove Jack!
  • 01:03:50 Sharing your catch with friends

nsp211 onboard cookup

nsp211 tasting fish

  • 01:10:20 Parting words of wisdom for our trip tomorrow
  • 01:13:10 How to hunt Rankin Cod
  • 01:14:50 Outro

NSP211 instagram

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