Interview with Bert Keulder and Joel Roberts

Today’s interview is with Bert Keulder and Joel Roberts around the fire, having a few brews and chatting about spearfishing! These are the moments where life makes sense, out on the beach around a fire with good mates and great conversation. Listen in and hear about our day and Shrek’s first experiences in the WA ocean! Beach launching boats, Estuary Cods, crayfish diving and so much in between! This is just day 1!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 04:50 Welcome to the campfire with Bert and Joel!
  • 07:40 Big GT moment
  • 11:05 Spearos are a type of person
  • 13:15 Welcome Joel!
  • 14:20 Day 1: WA conditions
  • 16:30 Beach launches
  • 23:30 Spearo boats
  • 26:20 Bert loves putting people on fish

  • 31:25 Spearfishing brings a sparkle to your eyes
  • 37:00 Kite surfing when it’s windy
  • 40:50 Crayfish diving!
  • 45:45 Estuary Cod can be divisive!
  • 49:55 We had a great day, tomorrow will hopefully be better!
  • 51:35 What makes a spot worth exploring?
  • 54:25 Outro

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