Interview with Ben Rupnik & Tom Sandstrom

Todays interview is with Ben Rupnik & Tom Sandstrom as we chat all about the 2024 Australian Spearfishing Nationals, 20-26 April 2024! Shrek and Tom are teaming up for this true pairs spearfishing competition and today they chat to Ben Rupnik, the AUF WA Spearfishing Chairperson for tips, tricks and local knowledge. This is a shoredive based comp with a huge hunting ground, fitness, technique and the right gear are going to be essential to success here. Find out what target species they will be hunting, where they should be looking, what gear they need to bring along and loads of other interesting things about the spearfishing nationals!

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Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:16 Welcome Tom
  • 07:40 Spear Ready Program
  • 12:55 Welcome Ben Rupnik!
  • 14:25 AUF WA
  • 20:15 Your dad is a well known spearo, Mick Rupnik
  • 20:55 Tell us about the Spearfishing Nationals!
  • 23:40 What conditions can we expect?

  • 52:05 How do true pairs comps work?
  • 54:15 What speargun should we use?
  • 59:55 Score sheet tips
  • 01:04:40 Fishing licenses and permits
  • 01:09:25 Do you like competition spearfishing?
  • 01:11:30 What happens to the fish afterwards?
  • 01:14:40 Minimum size limits
  • 01:21:20 Our strategy
  • 01:23:40 Where can people get hold of you?
  • 01:28:35 Outro

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