Interview with Carl ‘Curly’ Jongedyk

Todays interview is with Carl ‘Curly’ Jongedyk! A freediving and spearfishing instructor by day and a fin blade maker by night, Curly is a legend from WA and he took us diving! Join in on the car ride to the secret spot and hear the conversation on the ride back home again, talking about the conditions and structure they dove, fish species they saw and a bunch of memorable and funny stories along the way. Curly’s fins are hard to find but well worth the effort, check out Down South Camping to buy yourself a pair. Curly also talks about the dangers of diving alone and gives a different perspective on it. An awesome guy, keen learner and frothing spearo, have a listen to this awesome chat with Curly!

Important times

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 05:45 Welcome!
  • 08:00 The less you want it the easier it comes
  • 11:25 Struggles learning to dive
  • 13:45 Training and mental trauma
  • 17:55 Performance vs enjoyment
  • 22:25 What makes a high risk diver?
  • 24:20 SpearReady
  • 26:50 Tough dive buddies

  • 31:50 Post-dive review – conditions and structure
  • 33:25 Fish species
  • 34:55 Curlys Crackers fin blades!
  • 39:10 Should I just make my own fins or buy a set?
  • 44:30 Spearfishing and freediving courses
  • 45:35 Student shooting his first Spanish Mackerel
  • 47:15 Teaching new spearos

  • 53:00 Funniest stories
  • 54:55 Memorable Spanish Mackerel hunt
  • 57:20 How to hunt Spanish Mackerel, spearfishing tips
  • 01:01:25 Reef spearfishing tips
  • 01:06:05 Great eating fish
  • 01:09:50 What “trash fish” do you love to hunt? + fish cake recipe
  • 01:14:50 Do a course with Curly – curlysfreediving@gmail.com
  • 01:07:00 Diving alone
  • 01:20:10 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:22:30 Outro

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Important Links

  • Do a course with Curly – curlysfreediving@gmail.com


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